Space Underneath Flyover In Navi Mumbai Is Now A Basketball & Badminton Court

by Sanjana Shenoy
Space Underneath Flyover In Navi Mumbai Is Now A Basketball & Badminton Court

The concrete jungle that we live in today has unfortunately robbed children of the simple pleasures of having sufficient space to play outdoor games. Perhaps, this could be one of the reasons children these days prefer to stay indoors, hooked on to their mobile and video games. But things are slowly undergoing innovation for the better. Take Navi Mumbai for example, the space underneath a flyover in the area has been transformed into an innovative sports complex. How? Just find out!

Space Underneath Navi Mumbai Flyover Transformed Into Sports Complex

Popular content creator, Dhananjay (@Dhananjay_Tech) shared a video on Twitter that will blow your mind. In the video, you can witness how the space underneath the Sector 15 Sanpada flyover in Navi Mumbai has been transformed into a sports complex. Dhananjay explains how the sports complex is built literally under a bridge where cars are zooming over.

The sports complex is equipped with facilities and houses, what look like, basketball and badminton courts. A group of people are seen playing cricket. The best part? Anyone can play here for free. Dhananjay goes on to explain that the sports arena underneath the Navi Mumbai flyover is covered with netting to prevent the balls from flying off into the streets.

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Even Anand Mahindra Is Super Impressed!

The content creator called this the best use of space underneath the flyover. And we couldn’t agree more! The city engineer of NMMC (Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation), Sanjay Desai shared his views on the sports complex. He revealed to Hindustan Times that the space under the most flyover in Navi Mumbai lies unused. To beautify it, they decided to develop sports infrastructure and even open gyms there.

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Industrialist Anand Mahindra also shared this viral video and called it “transformational”. He also called upon other cities to replicate this fab model. Interestingly, this 2745.27 sq m area has several amazing facilities. Right from a skating rink, jogging track, space to practice yoga, three badminton courts and one basketball court.

So, Navi Mumbaikars, have you made your plans to head to this innovative sports arena for a good game?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva