Spiti Valley Vs Parvati Valley: Which Is More Budget-Friendly?

by Shreya Ghosh
Spiti Valley Vs Parvati Valley: Which Is More Budget-Friendly?

Spiti Valley and Parvati Valley are two of the most magnificent destinations in Himachal Pradesh. These valleys attract a lot of tourists throughout the year from India and international countries as well. The scenic beauty, weather, trekking trails, river, and mountains gain the attention of travellers to visit these places. If you are confused deciding on which valley to explore, that too in a budget-friendly itinerary, then we have got your back. Here are the perfect balance and contrast of Spiti Valley vs Parvati Valley that will help you to decide on your budget-friendly trip to the Himachal.

The Budget Of A Trip Depends A Lot On The Travellers

The travel cost to any destination depends on the travellers. The mode of transport, the hotels, meals, and everything comes together to complete the budget of an entire trip. This comparison of Spiti Valley vs Parvati Valley is the most generic one and nothing fancy and expensive is a part of this comparison.

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Spiti Valley Vs Parvati Valley: Which Is Friendly To Your Pocket?

Parvati Valley is quite popular not only for its spectacular landscapes but also for a pocket-friendly vacation. Though there is nothing major difference between the total expenditure of travelling to these valleys but the end total depends solely on the travellers. One can easily book homestays and accommodations way under ₹1000. The best part of Spiti valley is that most of the homestays include food costs as well. Search for such homestays that serve you meals as well. It cuts down a huge budget from the itinerary and helps to travel within a specific budget.


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These valleys of Himachal are known for the ethereal beauty of the hidden gems and unexplored touristy destinations. While in Spiti, the locations are either free or pocket-friendly. When it comes to Parvati valley, most of the locations here charge a good share of money to explore (mostly more than Spiti valley). In conclusion, when it comes to exploring the nook and cranny of these two valleys, Spiti valley wins the race because of housing budget-friendly destinations. Both Spiti valley and Parvati valley are mesmerising and the perfect options for a quick getaway in this scorching summer season.

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Taking overall into consideration, Spiti Valley is an advantage for a budget-friendly trip when compared with Parvati valley. However, Parvati valley is also affordable and a budget trip can be easily organised here.