Spread Across 62 Acres, World’s First 3D-Printed Hotel Is Coming To The United States Soon

by Shreya Ghosh
Spread Across 62 Acres, World’s First 3D-Printed Hotel Is Coming To The United States Soon

Ever wondered how would it feel to stay inside a 3D-printed hotel? Now doesn’t this sound very unrealistic? Well, the good news is that your expectations are soon going to become a reality. The United States is going to be the first home of the most unique and latest addition to the hotel industry, the 3D-printed hotel. Isn’t it super exciting? This is surely going to be a charismatic innovation with magnificent architectural enhancement to witness. Wanna know all about this newest project? Read on for all the info!

All You Need To Know About World’s First 3D-Printed Hotel


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BIG is a well-renowned design firm and they have partnered with Liz Lambert to construct the much-anticipated 3D-printed hotel. The advanced house project is coming to Texan very soon. We just need to wait for some time more to check out the first of its kind. Named El Cosmico, the hotel is an extension of the already existing El Cosmico luxury camping hotel. Staying at this property in Marfa in Texas is an outstanding experience and the soon-to-be-launched 3D-printed hotel will just be the cherry on top.

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El Cosmico is spread over 21 acres at the moment. It will soon be seen getting extended to an area as huge as 62 acres with lots of additional amenities such as an infinity pool and more. They are truly bringing “the more the merrier” into reality!

What Is The Construction Process Of The New Expansion Of El Cosmico?

  • It is a no-brainer that advanced construction is a primary and significant part of building the 3D-printed hotel.
  • According to a report by Intersting Engineering, a Vulcan printer and Magma portable mixing unit are getting used for the process.
  • Lavacrete is a new material made by the firm behind this project. This is also getting used for construction.

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We can clearly guess that this hotel is surely going to be a part of every globetrotter’s bucket list. All the hype for this place will soon be worth it. Everyone is so excited to witness something so unique and we can’t wait to explore this place!

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Liz Lambert (@thelizlambert)