Starbucks To KFC, These Global Food Chains Launched Indian Food Items

by Shreya Ghosh
Starbucks To KFC, These Global Food Chains Launched Indian Food Items

India is a massive market for every sector and the global food chains are capturing the food industry conveniently. Leading global food chains such as KFC, Domino’s, Starbucks, and many more captures a huge part of the Indian food market. To penetrate deeper, they have initiated dishes that come with a desi touch. They launched innovative food items with a ‘desi-tadka’ and the customers have mixed feelings about them. Here are some of the most popular dishes launched by these extremely famous global food chains.

1. Biryani Bucket- KFC

One of the most recent launches of KFC is ‘Biryani Bucket’ and they launched it in 4 flavours. They have added the ever-popular Hyderabadi biryani with different toppings and desi flavours served in a bucket with a gravy. The four flavours of this dish are Veg Biryani Bucket, Chicken Biryani Bucket, Smoky Grilled Biryani Bucket, and Popcorn Chicken Biryani Bucket.


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2. Tea- Starbucks

A cup of hot tea is every Indian’s emotion and the Starbucks launched the perfect beverage for the massive Indian market. They launched 18 different tea options in 2017 as a collaboration of Tata Starbucks Pvt Ltd and Starbucks Teavana. The biggest highlight of this range is the Indian Signature Tea.

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3. McAloo Tikki Burger & Maharaja Mac- McDonald’s

The most common name that comes to our mind after hearing burgers is McDonald’s. When it comes to burgers on an affordable budget, no one can really come close to the global food chain McDonald’s. Their most popular burger is certainly the Maharaja range. Veg Maharaja Mac, Chicken Maharaja Mac, and McAloo Tikki Burger are their most popular Indian items.

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4. Paratha Pizza- Domino’s

A staple breakfast of most North Indians is Paratha and in general every Indian love to gorge on a hot paratha. One of the very recent launches of Domino’s is the exciting ‘Paratha Pizza’. It comes in 3 flavours; Paneer Paratha Pizza, Chicken Keema Paratha Pizza, and Corn & Cheese Paratha Pizza. It is the perfect blend of Indian flavours, lots of cheese, and Italian taste.

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5. Hara Bhara Kebab- Subway

Subway is one of the most popular global food chains to relish healthy foods. One of the most popular Indian foods that they launched is ‘Hara Bhara Kebab’. It is just like their other food items but it comes with lots of Indian flavours. A good amount of kebab, Indian herbs and spices, spinach, and fillings are added to make this. Besides this, Subway has also launched Indian-like food items such as Tandoori Chicken Tikka and Aloo Patty.