Statue Of Unity In Gujarat Flooded, Officials Say It Was A Design For Better Viewing

by Mrunal Mahajan
Statue Of Unity In Gujarat Flooded, Officials Say It Was A Design For Better Viewing

The ever controversial 300 crore statue of unity in Gujarat was flooded on Saturday morning after the city experienced heavy rains. The officials claim that the statue has been designed in a particular way for tourists so that it will enable better viewing. The tourists were disappointed when they saw puddles of rainwater and leakage from the roof when they entered the galley area.

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The gallery of Statue of Unity has a grill like structure that let all the rainwater seep in. The main viewing area was affected by heavy rains in the city. The roof was leaking and it was a major let down for all the tourists and visitors that came to see the majestic structure. The statue was a controversial topic for the longest time and it has made headlines yet again.

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The people who were inside the statue tweeted photos of clogged water and criticised it saying that the government could not design the statue properly even after spending crores of rupees on it. India experiences heavy rains every year and keeping this very basic thing in mind that, the architecture of the statue should have been designed.

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The funny part is the tweet that came from the official twitter account of ‘Statue Of Unity’. It completely denies the fact that they did a bad job at building the majestic structure instead they called it a ‘design’ which was made for better viewing for tourists.

Dhruv Rathee, who is a well-known YouTuber and an activist, who speaks on political and socioeconomic, shared a video which shows the poor state of the statue.

A lot of tourists criticised the BJP party and the Gujarat government for spending crores and not taken care of mere basic things while building a majestic structure like Statue Of Unity. The officials could just agree that there is a glitch and work towards it rather than blatantly denying their mishap.