Stay In A Luxury RV Camper In Abu Dhabi And Glamp In The Middle Of Nowhere

by Deeplata Garde
Stay In A Luxury RV Camper In Abu Dhabi And Glamp In The Middle Of Nowhere

Exploring the vast outdoors connects us to a core part of ourselves. That back-to-basics encounter feeds some elemental energy and hits our soul’s refresh button. And right now, is the ideal moment to continue glamping and celebrating the natural world. Perhaps it is convenient. Hence Abu Dhabi offers a new camping experience nestled in the isolated enclave of Al Mugheirah, Al Mirfa.

It’s operated by Bab Al Nojoum. It’s the same folks that delivered the luxury boho camping on Hudayriyat Island. It started in November 2020. Al Mugheirah Resort is an eco-tourism destination surrounded by green canopies and the calming sounds of a natural forest. This Abu Dhabi escape may be one of the finest antidotes to cities living in the area.

Explore An Eco Getaway In Abu Dhabi With Al Mugheriah Resort

If your mantra for 2022 is “places, not goods,” you’ve come to the correct place. Al Mugheirah Resort specialises in beautiful countryside getaways.

Try your luck at tree planting, kite flying at sunset, fishing, horseback riding, falconry, craft lessons. You can also opt for snorkelling, mangrove exploration, farm visits, nature trails, hiking, bicycling, expert-led tours. Alfresco yoga sessions, swimming, watersports, futsal, board games, and more.

In line with the resort’s totally authentic eco themes, the resort offers monthly beach/forest clean-ups. This allows you to make your own purposeful contribution to a better world.

Where To Stay?

Al Mugheirah Resort is always down to create minimal environmental effects. Having said that, the camping units, well are not that bad.

One Bedroom Cabin

These sustainable mini cottages have a surprising number of features. A private plunge pool, terrace with loungers, patio, fire pit (with grilling equipment and seating), and direct access to the lush forest are all available. A mini-fridge, one queen-sized bed, a private bathroom with luxury amenities, in-room wifi, and temperature controls are available. Prices start at roughly Dhs638 per night (based on two adults).

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Two Bedroom Cabin

Similar to the above cabins just larger, it allows up to five people. The plunge pools are directly outdoors on the terrace. Prices start around Dhs1,114 per night (based on four adults).


These are the facility’s presidential suites. Al Mugheirah Resort has a fleet of those nostalgic steel-panelled, pill-shaped RV trailers. A small bit of Americana landed on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi. This type of accommodation is suitable for two people. It includes a patio, decking, wifi, a queen bed, temperature control, and a mini-fridge. They feature their own subterranean patio and outdoor eating area. Prices start at about Dhs683 per night (based on two adults).