Step-By-Step Guide For Stranded Residents Returning To UAE

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Step-By-Step Guide For Stranded Residents Returning To UAE

Dubai Tourism has rolled out a set of guidelines and rules for people returning to the UAE. Last week, the UAE launched an initiative to bring back over 200,000 residency visa holders. Residents who wish to comeback to the UAE must first register on and secure prior approval, before booking flight tickets. Meanwhile, did you know Hawaii Is Paying Tourists To Leave If They Don’t follow Quarantine Rules? 

Residents returning home can quarantine either at home or in a hotel. In case of home quarantine, residents must meet certain criteria as well as register on the Covid 19 App.

Upon Arrival

Upon arrival, residents will carry on regular immigration and luggage pickup. Transportation will be arranged for those who wish to quarantine in a hotel or for transfers to other emirates. Those opting for home quarantine will have to arrange their own transport. Residents must then complete a 14-day quarantine as well as follow all the guidelines issued by the UAE government.
All residents in quarantine will have access to a doctor 24/7 via a dedicated mobile app.

Hotel Quarantine Guidelines

  1. Residents must book hotels prior to arrival
  2. Residents who don’t qualify for home quarantine must quarantine in a hotel
  3. Transportation from airport to hotel will be arranged
  4. Residents will have access to a doctor 24/7 through an app
  5. Travellers MUST stay inside the hotel room at all times for 14 days
  6. In case of medical emergencies, hotel will inform DHA who will take the necessary action
  7. People are required to wear face mask and gloves in public areas
  8. Residents can check out after 14 days

Home Quarantine Guidelines

  1. Residents will be checked for Covid upon arrival
  2. Residents must have a separate room with a private washroom
  3. None of the members at home must be of high risk
  4. First aid kid, along with a thermometer must be available at all times
  5. Transportation from airport to home must be organized by the traveller
  6. At home, traveller must abide by Covid-19 smart app instructions
  7. Residents must monitor symptoms and check for temperature constantly
  8. Cover mouth and nose with tissue when coughing and sneezing
  9. Wash hands regularly
  10. Hard surfaces like door handles must be sanitized regularly
  11. Clothes must be washed thoroughly and dried in the sun

What Else?

Dubai plans to reopen to tourists in July and on the same lines, Dubai Tourism released a heart-warming video promising that the city will ‘see you soon’. A recent survey also revealed that GCC Will Return To International Travel By August And September.

Dubai Tourism’s one-minute video features a host of measures undertaken by Dubai to combat Covid. In addition, the video also throws light on some of Dubai’s favourite attractions. Meanwhile here are 26 Countries That Have Opened & Are Opening Up For Tourism Again Rather Cautiously.

The 58-second video kicks off by showing the safety measures put in place in the city. Along with it is a heartwarming message that reads:

“We’ve been waiting, dreaming, looking forward, to when we meet again. We’ve also been preparing, getting ready, knowing the time to see each other comes closer with every rising sun.”

This is followed by a series of shots in various spots in Dubai including La Mer, Old Dubai, Souk Madinat Jumeirah, and other experiences including sky diving, hot air ballooning and more. In short, the video will inspire you to take a tour of Dubai, even if you’ve seen it all! And in case you’re heading out to re-visit the city, here are 10 free things you can do in Dubai. 

The video ends with a reassuring message that reads: “We will welcome you with open doors. We will make your journey extraordinary. We said we needed a moment, and it will only be a moment more. We will see you soon.”

Well, going by this, it looks like Dubai will be well-prepared to welcome tourists back to the country as early as July.