Studies Reveal That Solo Travellers Are More Intelligent

by Sanjana Shenoy
Studies Reveal That Solo Travellers Are More Intelligent

Travel enthusiasts would vociferously agree that solo travelling is a soulful experience. You can connect with yourself on a deeper level and learn new things about you and the world around you. It’s a great learning experience and an enriching one too. And now studies seem to agree with this too. Studies reveal that solo travellers are more intelligent. The British Psychological Society conducted a research and found out that intelligent people are more likely to experience lower life satisfaction with more frequent socialization with friends. Basically intelligent people get more satisfaction by spending quality time with themselves.

What’s The Study About?

The study conducted by the British Psychological Society used data from a long term survey of 15,000 people from the age group of 18 to 28 years. Psychologists then determined that people who lived in cities were less happy than those who resided in rural areas and people also tended to report higher life satisfaction when they socialized with friends frequently.

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The study related its findings with the “Savanna Theory of Happiness.”  Rural living is compared to how ancestors travelled in close-knit smaller tribes. The lifestyles of hunter-gatherer tribes have actually formed the evolutionary foundation for what makes people happy now. For an average person residing in a small town, frequently socializing with friends is the key to happiness. However, for a highly intelligent person spending time with oneself was the ultimate key to happiness and satisfaction.

What’s More?

A psychologist put this to theory and stated that smarter people are probably working on nobler deeds. Psychologists who study this phenomenon stated that such people are perhaps, creating a great piece of art, finding a cure to cancer,  so taking time off work to catch up with acquaintances would makes them feel less worthy which is crucial for their happiness. The study further observed that smarter people tend to spend more time alone or even take a few days off travelling alone to contemplate about life. And they return with richer learning experiences. So maybe its time to take that much-needed solo trip after all Solo Travel Makes Sense Whether You’re Employed, Married Or Full Of Social Commitments