Studies Say Eating Pasta Three Times A Week Won’t Make You Fat

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1241

If there’s one dish I can eat every single day for the rest of my life, it’s got to be pasta. Whether its the classic cheesy Alfredo pasta, tangy Spaghetti, rich Lasagna or exquisite Ravioli, I am game for anything, as long as its pasta. And if you’re a fellow pasta lover too, then the one thing that might stop you from gorging on this delicious dish frequently is the weight gain. Here’s where its time to rejoice, a study published in the BMJ Open by Canadian researchers, now state that eating pasta three times a week won’t make you fat. Hallelujah!

What’s Do Studies Say?

Pasta lovers, Achhe Din Aaye Hai! The research published in the BMJ Open by Canadian researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital has revealed that people who eat pasta around three times per week instead of carbohydrates, maintaining a low glycemic index diet, did not gain weight. The study was conducted with around 2488 participants who were examined over 30 randomised trials. The participants in the study ate 3.3 servings of pasta per week,  which is equal to about half-cup of cooked pasta, instead of carbs. The findings in this research showed that the participants not only didn’t gain weight but actually lost 0.5 kgs over an average duration of 12 weeks.

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It’s a common misconception that carbohydrates lead to weight gain. But choosing the right type of carbohydrates can actually lead to weight loss as it fills you up and prevents hunger, pasta is one of them.  Pasta has a low glycemic index, this causes a smaller increase in blood sugar levels than most refined carbs, like rice and white bread. So your occasional bowl of Spaghetti is great for you, as long as you’re having your veggies.

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What’s More?

Dr John Sievenpiper, a leading author and clinical scientist at the St. Michael’s Hospital’s clinical nutrition and risk modification centre stated that pasta didn’t contribute to weight gain or increase in body fat. He also revealed that the analysis showed a small weight loss. So pasta can perhaps be a part of a healthy diet such as low GI diet. The conclusion of the study also reveals that pasta in the context of low-GI dietary patterns doesn’t adversely affect adiposity and also reduces body weight and BMI compared to higher GI- dietary patterns. Did you know Studies Say People Tend To Eat More When They Dine With Friends & Family?

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Now before you celebrate this pasta study and treat yourself to bowls of cheesy pasta, let’s tell you that it’s better to prepare your own pasta at home. Restaurants often use excess salt and fatty sauces which makes eating pasta outside an unhealthy option. So moderation is the key. Indulge in whole-grain pasta, keep the quantity reserved to one cup and prepare it with your favourite veggies and a little bit of cheese. You can get the best of taste and nutrition. So time for some pasta?

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