Virtual Tour Of Similipal, Odisha

by Jinal Inamdar

Travel is a sensory experience. You hear the sounds of chirping birds, feel the soft white sand embracing your feet on the beach, taste the salty breeze by the seashore and witness the majestic mountains in the hill station, it truly is a sensory experience. So during this lockdown you miss breathing, seeing, smelling, tasting and feeling the amazing experience of travel. So, we at Curly Tales feel that if you can’t travel to a place,  why not bring travel to your home? Through Suhaana Safar, we take you to the jungles of Similipal in Odisha. Check out what you can do here and unravel the adventures that await you.

Travelling To Similipal In Odisha

Similipal is Odisha’s undiscovered gem. It’s a five-hour drive from Odisha. You can take a flight from any city in India and reach Kolkata or Odisha to travel to Similipal. We at Curly Tales took a flight from Mumbai to reach Odisha. From there, we drove 5 hours to commute to Similipal. And while we admit the drive was quite long, the travel enthusiast in us, never really minded the long journey. After all, every trip has its own joy. And the immense joy and learning experience from travelling supersede any obstacle on the way. And when we finally reached Similipal, we just wanted to crash on our bed and retire for the day. The next day when we woke up we got to know the true beauty of Similipal.

A Soothing Experience In Similipal

We might have visited Similipal to shoot a video, but it never felt like work. It rather felt like we starred in a wildlife movie, and we were just narrating our experiences on camera. Swinging on the hammocks nestled on the lush green grass, feeling the cold breeze on my face, walking past exotic plants and listening to the chirping of new species of birds was truly a magical experience. Every experience played like perfect harmony. The long trek to the waterfalls, and then listening to the soothing babbling sounds of the waterfalls, felt really rejuvenating.

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Heading To Similipal’s Secret Getaway

While shooting a video in Similipal, the hotel staff informed us of a secret location that very few people are privy to. This place is located in close vicinity to the hotel, so we walked through the thorny shrubs, and trekked a long way across a bumpy path to reach here. But when we did, it was nothing short of heaven. It was one of the most gorgeous places in India, and maybe its beauty lies in the fact that its secret, secluded, hidden from a world that may or may not deserve this. Turquoise clear waters, magical rock formations and pin-drop silence was everything this place was about. We just can’t describe the out of body experience we felt there. If heaven had another name, this secret getaway in Similipal would be it.

Odisha’s Similipal- A Piece Of Heaven

Odisha’s Similipal offers a variety of experiences to nature lovers and travel enthusiasts. When you’re here, you can go on treks, jungle safaris, nature walks and much more. But most of all you can have feel and experience utter peace of mind. During the time of this lockdown, the sounds of gushing waters, feel of rustling leaves, the breath of fresh air, the taste of traditional food in the jungles of Similipal is just the dose of serenity that we need. But until we can travel again, do enjoy this Suhaana Safar with Curly Tales. And do look forward to many more such episodes where we take you on beautiful journeys across the world. If you liked this sensory experience then check out Curly Tales’ Virtual Tour Of Goa