Sustainability Tourism: Over 60% Of People Are Ready To Pay More For Sustainable Options

by Anupriya Mishra
Sustainability Tourism: Over 60% Of People Are Ready To Pay More For Sustainable Options

When you make plans to travel for a holiday, are you also thinking about the repercussions of your choices on the environment? Well, if this is also an important consideration for you, then you are not alone as a recent survey by Bain & Company revealed that around 64% of the respondents in the survey let sustainability considerations influence their choices. Here’s all you need to know about this report.

2/3rd Of Travellers Feel Sustainability Is An Important Factor For Them

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According to a recent report by Bain & Company, it was stated that there is immense focus on sustainable travel, especially as tourism bounces back after the Coronavirus pandemic. And it was revealed that the market for sustainable tourism is expected to boom! The reason for this is that the survey showed two-thirds of travellers stated that sustainability is an important factor for them while choosing their leisure holidays.

The survey was talked about in a report by the National News. Therein it was stated that around 64% of the survey respondents agreed that sustainability considerations influence their choices. It was also revealed that 66% were willing to pay extra for a more sustainable, offering! Moreover, there were 50%, who recommended holiday destinations on the basis of sustainability.

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What Was The Aim Of The Study By Bain & Company?

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With the study aiming to understand travellers’ behaviour and preferences in the Middle East and North Africa as a destination, the research covered consumers from countries like France, Saudi Arabia, the UK, China, Italy, and Germany. As it happens, many sustainability-enthusiastic respondents were found to have wanted to visit the Mena region. As it happens, the perception of Egypt has markedly improved amongst sustainability enthusiasts, making the country rank number four. It should be noted that Greece ranks at the top!

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the survey also revealed that 64% of the respondents agreed that sustainability influences their choices.

What are your thoughts about this report? Do you think sustainability will be an important factor for travellers, going forward?

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