Swiss Alps Lost Half Their Glaciers In 80 Years Due To Global Warming

by Sanmita A
Swiss Alps Lost Half Their Glaciers In 80 Years Due To Global Warming

They are saying climate change is real, and here’s the proof! The glaciers are slowly melting, and recently, the ones in the Swiss Alps, too, are disappearing. In a study, researchers found that the glaciers in Switzerland have melted drastically. More than half of the country’s glaciers are gone due to the rising global warming. To track the change, scientists referred to pictures from the 1930s and compared them to today’s times.

Glaciers Are Slowly Shrinking

In the research, researchers informed that all the glaciers had not been affected by global warming. However, comparing them location-wise, scientists informed that the ones in the low elevated areas melted more than those on higher levels. As per reports, the melting during the last 20 years has been tracked, not before that time. The study tells that in recent years, the glaciers in Switzerland have seen more melting compared to the 19 century. A report by The Independent shows Swiss Alps lost half of its ice from the 1930s to 2016. From 2017-2021, they have lost another 12 per cent of their ice glaciers.

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Climate Change In The Alps

In a report by The Guardian, Sabine Rumpf said, ‘The unique biodiversity of the Alps is therefore under considerable pressure due to the global warming. A group of European research studies also says that due to the melting of ice, the Alps has had an increase in its vegetation cover. Rumpf further informs that the ice from the glaciers provides drinking water and support for tourism and travellers’ recreation and adventure activities.

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