Taiwanese Teenager Wakes Up From 62-Day Coma After Hearing Chicken Fillet

taiwan chicken fillet
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 2316

Food has an immense power to bring a smile on our faces, comfort us during a bad day or just leave us with a warm fuzzy nostalgic feeling when we’re away from home. Well, to know the power of food, one has on a person, you must know about a miraculous incident in Taiwan. A Taiwanese teenager woke up from a 62-day coma after his brother mentioned his favourite food, “chicken fillet”. Read on to know this story.

Comatose Taiwanese Teenager Awakens On Hearing Favourite Food,  Chicken Fillet

18-year-old, Chiu met with life-threatening scooter accident in Taiwan. He suffered major injuries and internal bleeding in many organs. Now, while doctors at the Ton Yen General Hospital in Hsinchu County stabilised his condition, unfortunately, he slipped into a deep coma. Infact according to Taiwan News, a nurse revealed that Chiu went through a consistent”tug of war with the god of death”. Chiu underwent 6 operations and remained in the ICU for 62 days in a comatose state.

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His family was constantly on his side, praying for him and moreover hoping for a miracle. And a miracle is exactly what happened, in the most unexpected ways you can ever imagine. On the 62-day of his coma, Chiu’s elder brother visited him at the hospital. He jokingly remarked, “Brother,  I’m going to eat your favourite chicken fillet.” The minute Chiu heard his favourite food, he slowly began to regain consciousness. His pulse accelerated and vitals established.  Chicken Fillet seemed to be a word that put him off his magic spell. And that’s the power one’s favourite food can have on a person.

Picture Credits: taiwannews.com

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Chiu Visited Hospital After Recovery To Thank Staff For Treatment

Chiu made a significant recovery after awakening. He got discharged from the hospital and got much better. Recently, Chiu visited the hospital and presented a cake to the hospital staff. He thanked them for their support, love and care. This heartwarming and delicious story is inspiring. It makes us realise that food is much more than just survival, it surely brings happiness into our lives. Foodies! If this story has inspired you, then here’s how you can make fish fillet from the comfort of your home. 

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