6 Desi Comfort Foods That Are Better Than Fancy Gourmet Dishes

comfort foods india
by Sanjana Shenoy

There’s nothing that a hot plate of home-cooked food can’t solve. Whether we’re unwell, going through a bad break, work stress or just having a bad day, the aroma of freshly cooked dal paired with hot rice, just seems to make all our problems vanish away. And that’s the power of our desi comfort food. Even the fanciest dishes like Sushi, Pasta or Bibimbap stand no chance against our ghar ka khaana. So here are 6  desi comfort foods that are much better than fancy gourmet dishes. Three cheers to Indian comfort food. Hip Hip Hurray!

1. Biryani

Whether we’re celebrating a hearty party or just lazing away our day in front of Netflix, biryani toh banta hai na? With over 50 different varieties of biryani across India, this is the most ordered dish in the country. With a royal lineage, the combination of meat, rice and spices has no match. It’s a wholesome meal and that’s what makes biryani not just food but an experience. So, the next time you’re craving for fancy meals, just order a plate of biryani, and you’d know the satisfaction is unparalleled.

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2. Curd Rice

The world has just started catching up to South India’s iconic curd rice, which people have now discovered to be a superfood. Tucking into a bowl of curd rice-filled prepared with curry leaves, cucumber,  mustard seeds, coconut and pomegranate is like tasting a slice of your home. Pair it with papad or pickle and you’d know why the world calls it a superfood. In fact research states that eating curd rice will make you a happy person and improve your sleep.

comfort foods india

Picture Credits: lifealth.com

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3. Khichdi

It’s truly a surreal feeling to gorge on piping hot khichdi when you suffer from a bad cold. The comforting taste of hot dal, aroma of tadka and the crunchy veggies, always leaves you asking for more. This one-pot meal of rice, lentils, spices and veggies always brings the family together. Generations of people right from children to grandparents absolutely love a hot bowl of khichdi. And every corner of India have its own versions of khichdi, Karnataka has Bisi Bele Bath and Gujarat has Khichdi with Kadi. 

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4. Rajma-Chawal

When the captain of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli admits Rajma-Chawal is his favourite comfort food, then how can we disagree right? The nice thick gravy of kidney beans paired with rice is the ultimate combination. It’s warm, spicy, comforting and always leaves you feeling nostalgic. Whether you gorge it for dinner, lunch or just order it in the middle of the night when you feel low, Rajma-Chawal shall always bring a smile on your face.

comfort foods india

Picture Credits: maunikagowardhan.co.uk

5. Idli-Sambhar

A British Professor might have recently called Idli boring, but when you witness the wrath of South India on social media, you know you can’t point a finger against the ultimate comfort food. This healthy breakfast made of rice and lentils is full of proteins. It’s vegetarian and sans oil. Travellers often resort to eating idli because it’s cheap, wholesome and healthy food. Idli has become so famous, that there’s an entire day dedicated to it. The world celebrates March 30 as World Idli Day. So now you know, Idli-Sambhar must definitely be on your comfort foods list.

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6. Parathas

Devouring a piping hot aloo parathas, lathered in fresh butter, is nothing short of comfort. It might not be the healthiest option there but come on, it’s the tastiest right. Forget those tacos, burritos and pizzas, freshly made parathas with butter is all we need to get us through every day. And gorging hot parathas on a chilly winter morning is like experiencing a warm blanket wrapped tight around you. 

comfort foods india

Flavour of Parathas, Delhi

So, folks, we bet you’re already smacking your lips and planning your meals around your favourite comfort foods. Make sure you give a silent thanks to all our ancestors for inventing these out of the world dishes that can beat fancy gourmet dishes any day.