MasterChef Australia Judge Makes Australians Fall In Love With Regional Indian Food

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by Sanjana Shenoy
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If you’re travelled abroad and really craved for Indian food, then here’s what you’d mostly get, Chicken Tikka Masala, Naan or Palak Paneer. You’d rarely ever get any sort of regional Indian food from different parts of India. And here’s where Helly Raichura, a Masterchef Australia guest judge changes things for Melbourne. Raichura hosts secret home-based  restaurant dinners at EnterViaLaundry. With year-long wait lists, inventive take on vegetarian Gujarati food, she has indeed made Australians fall in love with regional Indian food.

Helly Raichura Guest Judge On Masterchef Australia Makes Regional Indian Cuisine Popular In Melbourne

Helly Raichura belongs to a Vaishnav family from Ahmedabad. She spent a lot of time picking fresh produce from farms with her mother and grandmother, and then cooking nutritious vegetarian food with them. She learnt the importance of fresh ingredients during those times. Helly currently runs a secret home based experiences called Enter Via Laundry. Eminent celebrities, chefs in the food industry like Matt Preston, George Calombaris have visited her space and thoroughly enjoyed her modern-take on regional Gujarati food.

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You’d probably have spotted Helly Raichura on Masterchef Australia’s Back To Win series as a guest judge. Contestants had to taste and replicate her Pasta-Not Pasta dish which was a modern take on the good ol’ khandvi. Apart from Khandvi you’d come across a variety of regional dishes from across India at her dine-in-experience Enter Via Laundry.  From Gujarat’s Matla Undhiyo, West Bengal’s Sandesh to Odisha’s Chena Poda, her dishes exhuberate sophistication, flavour and warmth.

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I know we cannot travel! Though our taste buds can 🙂 What I have been loving these days is spending all my time reading, learning, practicing and showcasing the most beautiful food cultures and dishes different parts of India has to offer. I almost feel I am traveling to these places while I research them. Each week we are traveling to a different region of India, last week we went to West Bengal and this week we are exploring Goa! On menu we have some beautiful dishes typical of Goa. Sungtache Hooman Sorpotel Kismoor Nevreo Bread Rice Cabbage and Carrot Salad P.S we only have 5 more meals left for Friday and Saturday! Hurry get your tickets to Goa! From @burgershurgerelsternwick Meals can be Delivered or Picked up

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She Serves A Variety Of Vegetarian Dishes From Different Parts Of India

The best part is, Australians don’t seem to miss their meat at all, when savoruing this all vegetarian meal of regional Indian dishes. She informed VICE that during this lockdown she started food delivery services. Helly picked a state each week and coked dishes typical to that state. So far, she has served Kadala, Yakhni, Sorpotel and even Kosha Mansh. She planned a menu that showcases Indian techniques using Australian native ingredients. And she stated that she feels immense happiness on serving authentic dishes from back home in India which are unheard in Australia. 

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Well, it’s truly wonderful to know that Australians are slowly falling in love with regional Indian cuisine. Infact we hope that the rest of the world also discovers our vegetarian dishes rooted in love, warmth, flavours and nutrition. Meanwhile, watch this video to explore delicious dishes from the North East that you must try. 

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