New Report Shows Biryani Most Ordered-In Food By Indian Adults

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 952

Online food delivery is a true blue blessing for us Millenials. Don’t you think? With just a click on your phone keypad, you can order some of the most scrumptious dishes to your doorstep. And now Uber Eats, revealed an interesting research report ‘Food Moods of India’, which has found some gobsmacking facts when it comes to our love for ordering food. The survey has revealed that 48% of respondents love ordering in thanks to the convenience and the breaking of monotonous routines. And that’s not all, food delivery is preferred amongst Indians, over dining out and takeaways. The new report also shows that biriyani is the most ordered food by adults. After all, biriyani is bae, right?


What’s In It?

Uber Eats partnered with the global market research firm, IPSOS to conduct this interesting research. This was done to empower restaurant partners and the F&B industry to understand the food landscape in the country, issues like consumption moments, forward-looking trends and cuisine perceptions. One interesting revelation about this research was the fact that being in a relationship was an important factor when deciding to order in. Ordering food at home is seen as a wonderful way to spend quality time with loved ones. This survey was conducted through interviews and online surveys by IPSOS on behalf of Uber Eats across 13 cities in India. The target group for this survey were Indian consumers from the age of 15 years to 50 years of age, who consume food out of their homes at least once a month. This survey was conducted from 15th September to 15th October 2019, among 4000 people from the NCCS AB category.

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This report gets into the interdependent and interconnected food ecosystem of India. And it’s also designed to provide financially successful business opportunities to restaurant partners. And as interesting and delicious as this report is, you will also find its highlights to be quite relatable and interesting, since you know, ordering in is definitely our guilty pleasure.

What Are The Highlights Of This Report?

The report says that some of the main reasons why people love to order their food home are the convenience (28%), to break monotonous routines (28%), celebrate a special occasion (16%) and to catch up with friends, family or colleagues (10%). Come on, we’ve all been there and done that. When our friends come over, don’t we just prefer to order a large plate of hot Chicken biriyani or a plate of creamy Butter Chicken with Lacchha Paratha? Well, now research states that you’re not the only one. Indian Adults prefer ordering in North Indian food and Biriyani. On the other hand, children love having Desi Chinese and Pizza. If your mouth is watering for pizzas, then check out 14 Best Pizza Places In Pune For 2019

Now comes the question, where do people order their food from? Well, 76% of respondents said they prefer ordering food at home, while 13% said work or college and 5% said friend’s home. Didn’t we say at the beginning of this article, that most number of people prefered ordering their food as compared to take away and eating out? Arund 48% of people love having their food ordered at the comfort of their home and 34% of people preferred dining at the restaurant itself. And 18% of people like to opt for takeaway. Coming to the top reason why people love ordering food in, you guessed it right, its convenience! Instead of celebration of some sort, people preferred to order their food home for the sake of convenience. 51% of food ordered in are combo meals with 35% of the time, consumer eating it straight out of the box, so no trouble of washing utensils too! When it comes to food Studies Prove That One In Three Women Go On Dates For Free Food

What’s More?

We, humans, are creatures of habit. Let’s admit it. The minute you order in from a restaurant and you love the food, you know it’s going to be your adda. And even though consumers have a plethora of restaurants to choose from, this survey reveals that there is less restaurant experimentation. Around 82% of consumers stay loyal to a maximum of 5 restaurants and keep ordering their favorite dishes from there. We know you’re nodding in agreement! Couples! Ordering food at home is the new date night. Put on a romantic movie, spend quality time together and just order in. Around 36% of respondents admit to ordering food to spend a romantic time together, instead of eating out. If you don’t have your partner around, and yet wish to spend some me-time, what do you do? Order a nice gooey chocolate brownie and gobble every bite of it, without sharing it with anyone else! You’re not alone, about 19% of people do the same, so they can just unwind.

This survey interestingly also says that around 38% of women prefer their food to be home delivered, so they can lift their spirits up and pamper them. That bowl of thukpa on a cold night can do wonders! When it comes to the money aspect of it, we all love trying out different promo codes and discount coupons so we can get our food for the best price. And 43% of respondents say the same, as ordering in is way economical as compared to hiring a cook. And last but not least, the survey states that around 53% of Indians prefer ordering food for dinner as compared to a meager 7% of people who prefer ordering their breakfast. Well, Uber Eats has definitely opened our minds and our tummies to the trends around ordering in. I’m sure you would have nodded your head and had your restaurant and food options in mind while reading this report. If you want to know more then click here 

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