Taj Mahal To Not Light Up In Tricolour This Independence Day; Here’s Why

by Sanjana Shenoy
Taj Mahal To Not Light Up In Tricolour This Independence Day; Here’s Why

India’s 75th Independence Day is right around the corner. The government has started a Har Ghar Tiranga campaign urging people to wave the national flag and show their patriotism toward the country. And as Independence Day draws close, every monument will be illuminated in tricolour-saffron, white and green. But one of the wonders of the world,  Agra’s Taj Mahal will not be illuminated. Here’s why.

Taj Mahal First Monument To Be Lit In India

A report published by First Post states that the Supreme Court passed a directive to ban lighting the Taj Mahal at night. It’s a directive passed to protect the 17th-century monument. While the Taj Mahal was one of the first Indian monuments to be lit up post sunset, there’s a reason why it isn’t a part of the monuments to be illuminated on August 15. The incident goes back to March 20, 997 when the Taj Mahal was illuminated when renowned pianist Yanni performed there.

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Picture Credits: Yanni/ Youtube

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Why Won’t Taj Mahal Be Illuminated On Independence Day?

But the lights attracted insects that damaged the white marble of the monument. The insects defecated on the monument and left stains on the white marble. Illuminating monuments post sunset attracts insects that end up damaging ancient structures. Heritage experts have time and again warned the government about lighting monuments, especially the Taj. Heeding their advice, Taj Mahal will not be illuminated in tricolours this Independence Day.


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