Take A Scenic Walk At Kumartuli & Catch A Glimpse Of The Divine Forms In Kolkata

by Yashasvi Shaktawat 1393

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Kumartali is a narrow lane tucked away in the city of Kolkata that boasts craftsmen fining their work into creating clay models of Goddess Durga.

What Is It?

Durga Puja as a festival is celebrated on a large-scale in Kolkata and is one of the main festivals of the city where thousands of people come on the streets to worship the Goddess Durga. Kumartali is known as the potter’s town located in North Kolkata where the work of crafting these idols of Goddess Durga and the sight of these men working intricately is beautiful.

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What’s In It?

You can visit the lane on a normal day in the city of Kolkata and capture the sculpting of idols done by a bunch of craftsmen and potters.

At the time of Durga Puja, around thousands of artisans are hired to do the job and 550 workshops are held in the area to complete the task. The idols are made out of environmentally friendly materials like bamboo and clay.

You should definitely visit Kumartali if you love art and to seek inspiration from the local artisans.

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