Take Your First Vegan-Friendly Trip To Himachal

by Anvi Doshi
Take Your First Vegan-Friendly Trip To Himachal

The Deal

The mountain life is the rage of the hour. Every other modern, city-working millennial is somehow taking the brave leap towards a slower life. And if heading to the mountains has been a dream of yours, this group has got something special up its sleeve for you. While being a tourist and basking in the glory of the pahad is nice, how would it be to actually live like a pahadi for real? Intrigued, aren’t you? So were we when we found out that Wanderknots is curating a special trip to Himachal that includes volunteering at a local school, farming, mountain trails and last but not the least, vegan food (yup, you heard us right).

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The Highlights: 

The key area of focus for this trip is for the traveler to learn about veganism and develop a keener awareness of not just sustainable living, but sustainable tourism as well. The topics of discussion range from how to reduce those harmful carbon prints we leave on the world and how could we help the environment by adapting to a vegan lifestyle. Of course, these are just open conversations and not projects undertaken to drill these ideologies forcefully. And last but not the least, to encourage folks to travel responsibly.

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The main highlights of your trip would include volunteering at the Upper Valley School in Burwa where you help a bunch of 80 children on social causes through fun and engaging workshops. You can specify your own skill set that would help enhance the overall impact of your contribution here.


You would also be eating healthy, nutritious vegan food and participating in a clean-up drive. You’ll be provided with trash bags, face masks and gloves for the latter and will ride on e-cycles. The trip also provides you with the experience of living with the locals of that region as you visit some stunning, picturesque villages and a beautiful mountain lake.

The Package Details

Dates: 8th – 15th  September, 2019
Cost: Rs.19,950/-
For bookings, contact their website.

The Package Includes:

  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Volunteer Activities (clean-up drive and schooling)
  • Travel Kit
  • Open discussions on sustainable living
  • Entry Fees (if any)
  • Permit Charges (if any)
  • Taxes

The Package Excludes: 

  • Your dinner on the first day
  • Your breakfast on last day
  • Personal Expenses
  • Any specifications not mentioned in the inclusions above

Packing Essentials For The Trip

  • A 50-60 litre backpack
  • Water bottle
  • Your government photo id with address proof
  • A pair of sports shoes
  • A pair of full-sleeves t-shirt or top
  • A pair of full pants
  • 2 passport size photos
  • Winter gear
  • Rain gear

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