Take Your Pooches To These Pet-Friendly Campsites Across India

by Sushmita Mahanta
Take Your Pooches To These Pet-Friendly Campsites Across India

Is your dog all smiles when you go for a walk? Then wait for the reaction you will get when you take your canine along on a camping trip! Most dogs love an outdoor trip and if you are there with them, isn’t that even better! Have you ever thought of going camping with your dog? Camping allows your canine to connect with nature in a unique way. The four-legged baby is going to experience new sights and sounds. And that’s one of the best things you can gift your dog. Some fresh air and a change in scenery are good for both you and your pet. Here’s a list of some of the best pet-friendly campsites in India. So go hurry and reward your best buddy with a camping trip!

1. Camp Hornbill, Kyari

Camp Hornbill is a community-initiated eco-camp development. This is an eco-friendly space and one of the best campsites to go camping with your dog. The camps here blend in with the lush green forest setting and are an ideal location for your pet. Building materials such as mud and thatch are put into use for the accommodations here and help keep the color schemes earthy. Dogs have great vision, so the rustic environment is only going to excite them more in Camp Hornbill. You will be able to choose your stay from 9 mud huts that spread over two acres of land. The dining area is quite cozy and the food is homely, so you are safe. Just make sure you carry along with all the essentials of your canine.

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2. Krishna River Camp

Krishna River Camp now has newly built riverfront cottages facing the mighty Kamalgad (Sahyadri ranges). The soothing river Krishna that surrounds the camp makes it an ideal environment to go camping with your dog. This one is one of the most spacious campsites in India. The cottages here are about 225 sq ft, so you and your pet can chill comfortably. They have 5 such riverfront cottages at the camp. Another great advantage here is the flexible packages. There’s also the tent stay option for all you campers out there. And we think that’s the best one for you and your canine. Also, don’t forget to enjoy some barbeque in their BBQ area!

3. Peponi

You will find one of the most beautiful campsites in India in Maharashtra. Peponi sits at 658 meters above sea level and overlooks the scintillating Mulshi lake. Mother nature engulfs Peponi in its womb and that makes it an ideal place for your pet. Camping is going to give you and your canine a great chance to bond and explore nature. And the diverse landforms, abundant bird life, and outstanding natural scenery of Peponi are unlike anywhere else. Also here’s a tip. Monsoons in Mulshi are magical, so plan your camping trip accordingly. However, Peponi is still expanding its accommodations. Presently you will have tents under a gigantic machan, a homely countryside kitchen and an unforgettable rustic experience with your dog.

4. Banjara Camp & Retreat

If you are craving a family camping trip along with your pet in the higher Himalayas, visit Banjara Camp & Retreat. Located just next to the beautiful Batseri village in Himachal, Banjara Camp & Retreat is one of the safest and most hygienic campsites for pets. In their Sangla Camp, you will have an extensive range of camps to choose from. Do you prefer luxury camps or the river-facing log huts? They also have stone and wood retreat rooms with sit-outs. And we think it’s better to let your dog decide what best suits its mood! Apart from all of this, the food here is a major highlight. You will be happy to indulge in organic and fresh dishes here. Also, the jungle walks along the Baspa River are the best ways to have bonding time with your canine. So do not miss out on that.

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5. Camp Roxx

Camp Roxx is one of the most offbeat and premium adventure campsites in India. If you are looking for a relaxing weekend getaway close to Delhi with your pet, visit Camp Roxx. This campsite is quite popular for hosting various reputed organizations from the Delhi/NCR & Chandigarh circuit for outbound training, vacations, adventure camping trips, etc. The campsite is situated at an exclusive, standalone property in the middle of a 7 km long pine forest. And let me tell you, dogs love pine trees! The location of Camp Roxx is the main crowd puller here. So get ready to nestle away in a pine jungle of the Shivalik mountains with your best buddy. Far from the madding crowd, let your dog enjoy some of the best moments here with you



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