Tamil Nadu Man Builds Solar Powered House On An Autorickshaw With Kitchen & Toilet

by Tania Tarafdar

If you watched Gully Boy, you must have got a glimpse of how people in Mumbai’s chawls, utilises small spaces to their full potential. If that stunned you, this innovation by a Tamil Nadu man named Arun Prabhu will surprise you even more. He built a detachable and portable house on the back of a pickup auto-rickshaw! According to reports, he aimed to educate people of “compact houses” as he thought many didn’t know how to build a house in a small piece of land. Prabhu designed this model for all the people who did not know how to construct a home in small pieces of land. He has observed that many people move to rented houses without utilising the space they have.

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Business Tycoon Anand Mahindra also lauded his invention and tweeted that he would want to know more of this architect.

A 6-Feet By 6-Feet Detachable House

Prabhu’s 6-feet by 6-feet “autorickshaw house”, or ‘Solo:01’ as he calls it, is a solar-powered house. It has a bedroom-cum-drawing space, kitchen, and a toilet with windows for proper ventilation. He could even manage to put a bathtub in the same. Now isn’t that an architectural marvel? The detachable home also has a terrace space and space for vendors to display their products. From Houseboats To Chalets: 5 Quirky Airbnb Properties In The UAE.


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The House Is Constructed Of Metal Scraps

Arun constructed the house using metal scraps from demolished buses and houses, and the structure cost him just a lakh. The design made by Arun is so light can be dismantled by removing a few nuts and bolts. So clearly, this model is suitable for solo travellers, construction workers, homeless people or victims of natural disasters who need temporary housing. This Treehouse In A Middle Of A Forest Has A Pool Overlooking The Andaman Sea.

A native of Namakkal, Arun runs his architectural firm in Bengaluru. His idea of utilising small spaces to provide accommodation for the poor is brilliant. Kudos to him for coming up with such a fantastic innovation.