Technical Snag Near Borivali Station Impacts WR Service In Morning; Trains Resume After Rush Hour Dies Down

Passengers took to social media to share videos of crowds waiting at railway stations.

by Shreya Ghosh
Technical Snag Near Borivali Station Impacts WR Service In Morning; Trains Resume After Rush Hour Dies Down

Monday— the most dreadful day of the week! Going back to the grind after a fun-filled weekend is indeed hard and we expect things to go smoothly to have a good start to the week. Sadly, Mumbaikars faced an incident of ‘Expectations vs Reality’ this morning. Western Railway’s local train services were disrupted this morning. The authorities discovered a technical snag close to the bustling Borivali station in Mumbai.

Suburban Trains Stopped Running From Platforms 1 & 2 Of Borivali Station

Ablaze Crevïtî (@Ablaze_creviti) took to the X platform to share glimpses of major crowds at the Kandivali station. Trains were stuck at Kandivali station for over 45 minutes.

Western Railway witnesses a humongous footfall every day, especially during the peak hours. The technical snag reported this morning impacted commuters’ travel plans causing major chaos at the Borivali station. Suburban trains did not operate according to the schedule from Borivali railway station’s platforms 1 and 2. But what triggered this incident?

Point numbers 107/108, 111/112, and 131/132 were not operational because of technical issues of cable cut, shared Western Railway. Instead of regular services from platform numbers 1 and 2 of Borivali station, the trains were running from platform numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. The arrangements for the temporary solution were made to continue regular train operations and control the major passenger traffic at the station to some extent.

The cancellations and delays of Mumbai locals turned out intensely chaotic at stations. Commuters faced challenges in overcrowded platforms. Catching the alternative trains from different platforms was not easy for many people. X users flooded the platform sharing pictures and videos of Mumbaikars waiting for trains in long queues.

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Mumbai Local Trains Are Operational Now

The technical snag was reported during the usual weekday morning rush hours. Restoration work started quickly to resolve the significant problem and resume normalcy. After a restoration process of a few hours, the train services restarted.

Western Railway updated Netizens that Borivali station’s point number 107/108 “has been put right at 10:40 AM”.

The authorities fixed the problems at Point number 131/132 as well.

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Local trains resumed their services over Mumbai Suburban. However, trains are running late. Authorities are working to solve the delays.

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ Ablaze Crevïtî (@Ablaze_creviti) 

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