Fact Check: Ministry Of Railways Debunks Fake News About New Delhi Railway Station’s Shutdown

The news of New Delhi Railway Station shutting down is fake.

by Shreya Ghosh
Fact Check: Ministry Of Railways Debunks Fake News About New Delhi Railway Station’s Shutdown

Is the bustling New Delhi Railway Station shutting down? Are the authorities closing it for a specific period of time? Several reports are circulating on social media platforms claiming that this railway station will soon be closing temporarily for some redevelopment purposes. The news confused Netizens. Lakhs of people are wondering if the station is actually shutting down for some time. Well, the Ministry of Railways cleared all the confusion and ended the rumours about it.

What Is The Actual Update On New Delhi Railway Station’s Closure?

New Delhi Railway Station
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

Recently, the Ministry of Railways issued a statement shedding light on the actual update about the much-talked-about railway station. The official statement cleared confusion about the fake news of the New Delhi Railway Station’s closure during 2024-end. The premises are not shutting for any redevelopment project, the statement clarified. Busting the fake news, the release stated, “New Delhi Railway Station will never be shutdown”.

To simplify the truth behind the news making rounds, the statement further added that a few trains are diverted or regulated as necessary when any redevelopment takes place at a railway station. Whenever the authorities decide to divert or regulate trains at such times to accommodate the projects and their constructions, the department informs about the changes “well in advance”.

This official statement released by the Ministry of Railways on May 27 cleared all the doubts about the shutdown of the New Delhi Railway Station. All these reports going viral on social media do nothing but create unnecessary confusion among many. People with plans to travel to/ from this station indeed became doubtful imagining the certainties about their trips. We need to keep in mind that authorities ensure informing people about any such changes ahead of time.

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The News Of Redevelopment Is True

New Delhi Railway Station
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

While the closure of the New Delhi Railway Station is completely false, 1,318 stations including New Delhi will certainly see modifications. Many railway stations in different parts of India will be revamped as a part of the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme, according to The Financial Express report. Some of the stations that are coming under the program are New Delhi, Anand Vihar, and Faridabad.

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This news is a major example of how we should not believe everything we see on social media.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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