‘The 42’ In Kolkata Is India’s Tallest Building

by Anvi Doshi
by Anvi Doshi 2692

The News:

Surpassing ‘The Imperial’ at Tardeo in South Mumbai, ‘The 42’ in Kolkata has now become India’s tallest building.

Photo: Makaan

The Details: 

After the construction of its 65th floor, 42 Chowringhee in Kolkata has become the country’s tallest building with a height of 268 meters.

Dwarfing all the other major buildings around the city like Tata Centre and Everest House, this new wonder is redefining the skyline of Kolkata.

The second tallest building in the city is at a whooping 167.8 meters and it’s named Urbana. Sadly, it falls just a 100 metes short to ‘The 42’.

The Times of India quoted A N Shroff of Alcove Reality thus,  “The construction of The 42 has been completed. At 268 metres, it is now the tallest building in India. It would have been the second-tallest had the additional four floors that were later sanctioned not been constructed.”

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