The Annual Thai Street Market, Sawasdee Bahrain Is Back At Oasis Mall Juffair In Bahrain! Details Inside

Bahrain's Oasis Mall Juffair is hosting the annual Thai Street Market offering a peek into the Thailand culture.

by Shreya Rathod
The Annual Thai Street Market, Sawasdee Bahrain Is Back At Oasis Mall Juffair In Bahrain! Details Inside

Thailand has a vibrant culture and has a beautiful topography. With its delicious food and lively dance styles, the Royal Thai Embassy is bringing the yearly Thai Street Market, Sawasdee Bahrain back; here’s all about it!

The Annual Thai Street Market, Sawasdee Bahrain, Is Back!

The yearly “Sawasdee Bahrain” Thai Street Market has been announced by the Royal Thai Embassy in association with Oasis Mall Juffair. With a focus on Thailand’s “5F”—Festival, Food, Fashion, Fighting (Muay Thai), and Film—this three-day event aims to fully immerse guests in the country’s rich cultural legacy.

It is scheduled to occur in the Oasis Mall Juffair Main Atrium from May 30 to June 1, 2024. The event will also screen Thai film “Ong Bak” at Cineco Juffair. Further, it will be followed by a Thai boxing demonstration! Additionally, more than 20 Thai companies operating in Bahrain will be present at the event. Tourists may enjoy traditional Thai cuisine like Pad Thai, coconut ice cream, and Thai tea.

You can even shop for premium Thai goods including Thai oud, munchies, spa and beauty items, and Thai tea. This programme will feature lively cultural performances by the Thai Club and Kor Kai Thai School, as well as an exciting Muay Thai display. Participants may take part in fruit carving workshops, kids’ traditional Thai activities, a kids’ parade wearing traditional Thai costumes, a calligraphy and drawing class and a series of cultural performances throughout the event.

In order to enter the “Wishing Tree Raffles,” attendees are urged to share an Instagram photo from the event with the hashtag #SawasdeeBahrain. In fact, you can even win exclusive gifts!

It Is A Vibrant Culture!

Thai Street Market bahrain
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Thailand’s culture is a distinctive fusion of many influences that have developed throughout time. Interactions with nearby civilizations have shaped its historical and cultural legacy. Global influences have influenced Thailand’s cultural environment in the contemporary era. This entails maintaining customs and traditions while also implementing contemporary teaching methods and advancing science and technology.

Thai food has well-balanced flavours that frequently include aspects of sweetness, sourness, salt, bitterness, and spice. There are several primary forms of Thai classical dance, such as Rabam, Ram, Fon/Sueng/Manora, Khon, and Lakhon.

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With its elaborate motions, elaborate costumes, and sophisticated choreography, it is often considered to be an extremely sophisticated and polished art form.

Cover Image Courtesy: John Michael Meneses/ Flickr & Canva

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