The Bhookha Beirdo Loves Your Beard & Gives A Discount Based On The Growth Of Your Facial Hair

by Akriti Seth
The Bhookha Beirdo Loves Your Beard & Gives A Discount Based On The Growth Of Your Facial Hair

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Groom her! Love her! Care for her! Not the girlfriend, but the beard. Because The Bhookha Beirdo, a travel-inspired cafe in Bandra has a soft corner for men with beards.

What Is It?

The Bhookha Beirdo is a quaint little place tucked away on Pali Hill Road in Bandra. What interests us is the fact that it is dedicated to the love of beard.

Ask your girlfriend to stop complaining about your beards and well, put on that beard oil. This place is certainly one of its kind by celebrating men and giving discounts to those with a beard. You heard me right there!

Food discounts based on the length of your beard

Precisely why every lady would now want to enter with a bearded beauty.

P.S. Something for the ladies too. On Wednesdays, women with long hair also get a discount. Good na?

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Or, based on length of your hair!

What’s In It?

The Bhookha Beirdo is not as weird as the name suggests. Exactly next to The Bagel Shop just off Carter Road, the place welcomes you with a small entrance with a handsome looking bearded face.

The interiors are soothing to the heart and lively to the eye with yellow walls and deep brown furniture. With little cute objects like an old kettle, a rusted lantern and some really cute vintage knick-knacks, the wall is perfect for a selfie of nostalgia.

The warm feeling and the chilled out vibe is all that makes you want to come here again and again.

People at The Bhookha Beirdo
Some famous people at The Bhookha Beirdo ;)

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What To Eat?

The Beirdo says it’s an eatery with a menu featuring classic dishes from across his travels. Anurag, the owner of The Bhookha Beirdo is very well traveled, and his menu features lots of unique and interesting dishes from around the world. Anurag has put in all his heart, mind and soul into putting across an experience that will surely get your taste-buds rolling.

Let me name a few dishes just to give you a gist of the food options available here. Thukpa from Tibet, Bunny Chow from Africa, Paella from Spain and the Banh Mi from Vietnam. Excited much? That is precisely all the world’s food in one place and did I tell you ‘Food is Bae’?

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Pork at The Bhookha Beirdo
Pork at The Bhookha Beirdo

And you have to have to try out the steaks here! Cooked to perfection, it is quite a sinful delight. Being the pork fan I am, I suggest you should really try the pork here cause it is delectable. Sheer delectable!

Banh Mi at The Bhookha Beirdo
Banh Mi at The Bhookha Beirdo

What To Drink?

They do have vast array of soups and they are just the best to warm you up for all the flavours that are up ahead.


Where: 27/A, Pali Mala Road, Off Pali Hill, Bandra West, Pali Hill, Bandra West
When: 11 AM to 11 PM
How Much: ₹850 for two people (approx.)

I regret chopping off my hair now. But nevermind! People with long beards and hair, let’s go this weekend.

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