The Entire Khichdi Cast Bonds Over These 3 Iconic Gujarati Dishes

Khichdi cast loves to eat khichdi; as they should!

by Ankita Mazumdar
The Entire Khichdi Cast Bonds Over These 3 Iconic Gujarati Dishes

The cast of Khichdi came for this episode of the Diwali Special Sunday Brunch with our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani. A Khichdi session was in place with the original players Hansa, Praful, Bapuji, Jayshree, and Himanshu. They were promoting their new movie, Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan. Being a Khichdi fan, we had to question them about Gujarati dishes and food. We learned that they bond over Dal Dhokli, Aamras Puri and Undhiyu. Oh and of course khichdi!

Khichdi Cast Loves To Bond Over These Gujarati Dishes

Just as we started our Sunday Brunch, we jumped right into the question of food and what everyone likes. The entire cast replied in unison that everyone likes to eat the dish Dal Dhokli and that it is a standard dish that they bond over.

Jamnadas Majethia announced the next favourite dish with much enthusiasm, Aamras Puri. Everyone joined in and agreed to this. Just as they were all very merry while thinking about Aamras Puri, Rajeev Mehta mentioned the dish Undhiyu. Again, everyone agreed! To top it off, Supriya Pathak told us that they all enjoy khichdi a lot and laughed as soon as she said it.

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Played Dumb Charades With The Parekh Family But With A Twist

Khichdi cast
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We enjoyed playing a fun game with the cast of khichdi where they had to explain the food dish on the placard to the person holding it. We called it Food Dumb Charades. It started with Anang Desai and the picture was of puffed rice which is called Mamra in Gujarati. Rajeev Mehta and Jamnadas Majethia went on to explain it with many tactics but Anang couldn’t comprehend it.

Kamiya gave the chance to girls and if they could make Anang guess correctly then the girls would receive a point for it. Since girls can do everything and are better, they were able to make Anang guess Mamra quite easily. Anang only could guess ‘mara’ from the guys’ explanation but Vandana Pathak went on to explain the food item to be used in bhelpuri as well. This gave it away and Anang guessed it right and the girls got an extra point. The girls rejoiced and the guys facepalmed while Kamiya couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

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