“Khichdi Should Be Named National Dish Of India”, Khichdi Cast

by Ankita Mazumdar
“Khichdi Should Be Named National Dish Of India”, Khichdi Cast

On this recent episode of the Diwali Special Sunday Brunch our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani met with the fantastic and bubbly Khichdi cast! It was a jam-packed episode with Supriya Pathak AKA Hansa, Rajeev Mehta AKA Praful, Anang Desai AKA Bapuji, Vandana Pathak AKA Jayshree, and Jamnadas Majethia AKA Himanshu. All the Khichdi fans assemble, we are going back to nostalgic times. In the video, the Khichdi cast ended up suggesting that Khichdi should actually be the national dish of India.

Khichdi Cast Wants The National Dish Of India To Be This

We were just having too much fun with the entire team of Khichdi while everyone was enjoying their thalis. Yes, we did serve them Khichdi as we thought it would be fun to do so! You can say we had khichdi with the Khichdi cast. Jamnadas Majethia went on to enlighten us that there was not actually a national dish of India. Supriya Pathak cut him off and went on to say that Khichdi is that one dish in India which is made all over, in every nook and corner of the country so it should be the national dish of India.

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How Did They Pick The Title?

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Kamiya went on to ask a very genuine question about how the T.V. serial got its name, Khichdi. Jamnadas Majethia quickly replied to this question by narrating a little story. We are always in for a good story, especially when it is about a creative process. He told us that they had narrowed down the script for the pilot episode but while having conversations with their director, Aatish Kapadia, the name came into being.

This comedy show was a collective input from people behind and in front of the camera. And shows like this end up having a lot of impromptu ideas and suggestions, which exactly happened with the title here. To continue with what Jamnadas Majethia was saying. He told us that suddenly Aatish went “Khichdi!”. To justify this name, they further went on to talk about how back in the day the T.V. serials on STAR Plus started with the letter ‘K’. 

Hence it would be such a brain teaser for the audiences to figure out whether it was a comedy show or a cooking show. They certainly succeeded in doing so! That is how the title came into being. The Khichdi cast is back with a bang as they released their second movie on November 17th, 2023. It started back in 2002 as a Hindi serial which was much loved by all. They have two successful seasons and also two movies now. When are you watching their new Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan?

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Comment down below if you are from the fandom of Khichdi. Who was your favourite from this series? Catch the entire episode on Curly Tales’s YouTube channel.

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