User Asks Netizens, “What Does Khichdi Mean To You?” And The Responses Have Added India Ka Tadka

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
User Asks Netizens, “What Does Khichdi Mean To You?” And The Responses Have Added India Ka Tadka

What comes to mind when someone mentions khichdi? Some of you might think of khichdi as a food for’sick’ people. While some of your eyes might have lit up thinking about Dal Khichdi and Sabudana Khichdi, Well, one X (formerly Twitter) user posted a picture of Maharashtra’s favourite Sabudana khichdi and asked what this dish meant to the other users. Here’s how netizens reacted. 

User Asks Netizens, “What Does Khichdi Mean To You?”

A user, @rons1212, posted a picture of Sabudana Khichdi and spoke about how Khichdi has a very different meaning and emotion attached to it across India. She mentioned how khichdi means Sabudana khichdi, dal khichdi, or khichdi bhat in Maharashtra. 

She also mentioned that Bengali khichdi means rain and ilish maach, while in North India it means Sankranti. The user asked netizens to mention what this dish means to them in their place. 

This post and the question by the user attracted many comments from the netizens as they began discussing what khichdi means in their region. The post has by far garnered over 15.7K views on X (formerly Twitter) and many likes. 

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Mugachi Khichdi, Khichdi Bhaat And More

One user posted that in West Uttar Pradesh, khichdi means moong dal with chilka and rice. He mentioned that this khichdi is generally eaten when one is sick, but when one has to enjoy it, it is relished with pickles and ghee. 

The user @rons1212 mentioned that in her hometown, in south-eastern Uttar Pradesh, they relish yellow moong dal khichdi. This is relished after coming back from Ganga Snan on Sankranti. 

Another user mentioned mustard khichdi, which is white in color and is enjoyed during the winter season. He also mentioned that in Hyderabad, yellow khichdi is enjoyed with tamarind juice and kheema. 

India is rich in flavours and its diversity is reflected in the food dishes of every single region. The comments section was filled with people mentioning the type of khichdi they enjoyed at their place. 

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What is khichdi known as in your place?

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