Khichdi For ₹1500? This Super Expensive Khichdi Has Porcini Mushrooms, Truffle Oil & More!

by Sanjana Shenoy
Khichdi For ₹1500? This Super Expensive Khichdi Has Porcini Mushrooms, Truffle Oil & More!

Khichdi, India’s favourite comfort food has different variations across the nation, yet the emotion remains the same. It’s a dish that nourishes the mind, body and soul. There’s nothing like tucking into a hot plate of khichdi to feel your body invigorating. A plate of khichdi usually costs not more than ₹300, but recently we came across one of the most expensive khichdi ever sold at a whopping ₹1500 per plate. Check it out!

Hyderabad Restaurant Serves Expensive Khichdi Worth ₹1500

Hyderabad food vlogger @thefoodierider_hyderabad shared a video of what she calls “The World’s Most Expensive Khichdi”. Costing a whopping ₹1500, this Dal Khichdi seems to have the Midas touch. The reel shows a small cauldron, bubbling with the hot dal-rice concoction. It’s served with not one not two but 6 other accompaniments. 

You’d get this luxurious khichdi at Hyderabad’s Sachii Sky Bar at Banjarahills. The dish is Artisanal Khichdi where the menu describes it to have truffle oil, porcini and drizzled rayu. It’s worth its weight in gold as this dish consists of luxurious and expensive ingredients. Truffle oil is usually priced between ₹1641 to ₹4103 for a small bottle. It’s known to have complex and intense flavours that elevate a dish.

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This dal khichdi also has porcini mushrooms where the cost of fresh porcini ranges between ₹1641 to ₹3283 for just 400g. @thefoodierider_hyderabad goes on to add in the caption, that the khichdi is drizzled with rayu. This is an exclusive homemade Japanese chilli oil which again costs anywhere between ₹410 to ₹ 1231 for a small bottle.

Netizens Aren’t Too Stoked About This Dish!

So, now that you know how expensive and exclusive the ingredients are that go into this khichdi, you’d know why it’s called Artisanal Khichdi, in the first place. But Netizens weren’t impressed by this dish. One person criticised the dish for having mushrooms. In his opinion, khichdi must be Sattvik. Yet another person commented that the dish takes away everything that makes khichdi desi.

expensive khichdi

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Foodies, would you ever pay ₹1500 for khichdi? Also, would you like this comfort dish to have porcini mushrooms and truffle oil?

Cover Image Courtesy: @thefoodierider_hyderabad/ Instagram