Unlike Her Character Hansa, Supriya Pathak Is Actually A Great Cook

Supriya Pathak is sometimes like her character Hansa and sometimes not.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Unlike Her Character Hansa, Supriya Pathak Is Actually A Great Cook

For this episode of Diwali Special Sunday Brunch our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani met with the fantastic Khichdi cast. We cooked up yummy conversations with Supriya Pathak, Rajeev Mehta, Anang Desai, Vandana Pathak, and Jamnadas Majethia. We were curious to know if there were any similarities between Hansa and Supriya Pathak. It turns out that she is actually a great cook, unlike Hansa but ‘main toh thak gayi is constant for both.’

Supriya Pathak Is A Great Cook, Unlike Hansa From Khichdi

Everyone from the cast of Khichdi is Gujarati and how could we not chat about Gujarati food? There was also a tiny bit of parallel between the actors and their characters on the show. We started with Hansa played by Supriya Pathak. Kamiya went on to mention that it is quite evident that Hansa gets too tired to even cook and eat. She questioned Supriya, “In real life, how is it? Do you like to cook?”

Turns out Hansa and Supriya are opposites when it comes to cooking. Supriya Pathak replied that she loves to cook. Just as she said that, Vandana Pathak, who plays Jayshree, chipped in by adding to it that Supriya is a very good cook. Supriya mentioned that she has to cook to look after her family and therefore cooking becomes an obligation to her. She also said, “Cooking has to be a part of it all.”

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Kamiya went on to ask Supriya Pathak if there are any moments in her daily life where the emotion of ‘main toh thak gayi’ is reciprocated. Her reply made everyone laugh out loud and she said, “In my head, all the time.” Relatable pro max!

The Character Of Hansa Holds A Special Place For Her

Khichdi cast
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Supriya Pathak said to us that she undoubtedly loves the character of Hansa and the quirky way she is projected. She gets very absorbed by this role. She continued that this character of Hansa holds a special place in her heart in comparison to all the other characters she has ever portrayed. Even went on to give us an explanation as to why Hansa is her favourite character.

If some things and situations affected her, whenever she performed this character she automatically became a happy person.  She told us that playing the character Hansa rejuvenated her and it was a great thing. We were just going to mention that seeing Hansa and her characteristics on television made us happy as well. But Supriya was a step ahead of us and said that she thought the character of Hansa also makes people happy. A big same pinch to you, Supriya Pathak! Who is that one character that resonates with you the most from Khichdi?

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All the members of Khichdi came together in celebration and promotion of their new film, Khichdi 2: Mission Paanthukistan. Comment down below if you have watched all the episodes of Khichdi.

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