The Second Edition Of Surfing Festival In Karnataka Is Here

by Ashna Pamnani
The Second Edition Of Surfing Festival In Karnataka Is Here

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This summer, book your tickets to celebrate the second edition of surfing festival at Sasihithlu Beach in Karnataka. We’re excited, are you?

What Is It?

Mark your calendar and strike surfing off your bucket list. Karnataka Tourism is organising its surfing festival hoping to attract surfers from all over India. While the aim is to promote beach tourism, you can pack your bags to take advantage of the pre monsoon swell.

Guess what? This event will feature Surf and SUP athletes who will compete with each other for the first time in Karnataka. You can either choose to participate or enjoy this visually striking performance.

Why Sasihithlu Beach?

You probably haven’t heard of this beach before but just a little bit of research tells me that this is one of the most beautiful beaches of India. It is located about 22 km to the North of Mangaluru at the mouth of Nandini and Shambhavi rivers.  The white sand looks like milky way spread across the blue sea. Compared to other beaches around Mangaluru, the Sasihithlu beach is less explored and more clean.

What Else?

As you commence this engaging pursuit of happiness, the tourism board also plans to offer sky diving experience along with surfing. Do get ready for other attractions such as coastal food festival and cultural programs.

Besides, Karnataka tourism has declared 2017 as the Year of the Wild. So be ready for some exciting activities coming up this May for those who are interested.


Date: May 27, 2017 to May 29, 2017
Venue: Sasihithlu Beach in Mangaluru

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