The Secret Behind The Mysterious Monoliths At Utah, Romania And California Explained!

by Suchismita Pal
The Secret Behind The Mysterious Monoliths At Utah, Romania And California Explained!

Some weird occurrences have been recently making headlines that are forcing thousands of people around the world to wrack their brains. Those who’ve got a strong nose for news might have already guessed it. Yes, we’re talking about the mysterious metal monoliths of Utah, Romania and California. These monoliths have appeared on the surfaces with no traces of persons building or installing them. The metal Monolith in Utah at the base of a canyon was discovered on November 18 and a similar monolith was discovered in Romania too on November 27. Most recently, a monolith has appeared on a beach in the Isle of Wight too.

What’s more, the famous ‘penis statue’ of Germany that had sprung up on Grünten mountain four years ago, vanished out of the blue, and a similar statue again reappeared in its place. 2020 had already been a hell of a year. Now, what’s this new occult phenomenon? Here are the several explanations.

Is It By Some ‘Secret’ Artist?

The Utah Department for Public Safety is speculating that the 12-foot high three-sided monolith is an art installation by a ‘new wave artist’. David Zwirner Gallery, US is believing that sculptor John McCraken had installed the artwork in the remote land before his death in 2011. Or it might be his fan paying a tribute to the late artist. But seeing the pictures, many people have expressed that it lacks the expertise of McCraken. Soon after, four people removed the Utah monolith, and the removal was captured by a group of photographers.

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An Alien Activity Maybe…

If no human is found to put them, then are they installed by some extra-terrestrial origin … we mean aliens? That’s what some people are assuming, even though to some extent in a funny way. But who knows, is the 1968 science fiction film by Stanley Kubrick, “2001: A Space Odyssey” happening for real? In the film, a mysterious monolith was discovered beneath the lunar surface that was created by an alien race. And guess what? The metal monoliths appearing now ( except the phallus monolith) look kind of same as Kubrick’s monolith.

A Prank…

There are fans of science fiction movies and yes, most of them have loved Kubrick’s 1968 flick. Some are believeing that a fan of the movie might be playing a prank to baffle mankind. But in that case, atleast somebody is expected to come up and admit about the joke. Nobody has done that yet. Many years before, in the 1970s, crop circles had mysteriously appeared in Wiltshire, England. People had assumed them to be signs of some alien presence until in 1991, two Englishmen claimed that they had jokingly created the crop circles. Nothing of that sort has happened for the monoliths till now.

 Mysterious Monoliths Utah Romania California
Picture Credits: The Independent

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So, what do you think is the secret behind this monolith game? Let us know in the comments section below.