Theatres Are Taking Positive Steps For Their Visually Impaired Audiences

by Mrunal Mahajan
Theatres Are Taking Positive Steps For Their Visually Impaired Audiences

Theatres are taking positive steps to be ‘all-inclusive’. They are making arrangments and bringing in technology for their specially-abled audience so that they can enjoy the movies to their fullest. A technology that will make audio notes for whatever scene is happening on screen, expressions, emotions. Basically, everything that happens in between dialogues.

Image Credits: Kractivist

Earlier, someone who is visually impaired or has a hearing disability would need to be accompanied by a person who was willing to narrate the scenes that are happening on screen. The other option was to watch a film that was more inclined towards audios and dialogues. But even then, the complete feel of the movie was not experienced by them.

All the cinephiles would agree that watching the movie is not enough, understanding the emotions and feeling what the character is going through is a crucial part. Hence this technology that transfers on-screen scenes into audio notes.

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MIT graduate,  Kunal Prasad developed an application that narrates the non-verbal part of a movie, which is inclusive of expressions into audio descriptions to give the specially-abled a better feel of the movie.

PVR cinemas become one of the first theatres to introduce this technology which is called ‘cine care’ and is functioning currently in 37 cinemas. They have also trained their staff to understand the technology so that they could help out their special audience when they are at the movies. This is a very positive step towards recognizing the specially-abled people and giving them what they deserve.

Image Credits: Euan’s Guide

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As reported by  TOI, George Abraham, a 60-year-old who is suffering from a disease called meningitis, which damaged his optic nerves, he does not have a clear vision. He said “I’ve seen it (Sholay) at least 10 times,” Only after the technology was developed that narrated everything that was happening on the screen right into his ears. Some beautiful scenes of Jai and Veeru from the movie made him laugh and enjoy it to his fullest. He said, “I had no idea they were up to such mischief!”