There Are Villages In Uttarakhand Where Holi Has Never Been Celebrated. Here’s Why!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
There Are Villages In Uttarakhand Where Holi Has Never Been Celebrated. Here’s Why!

Holi is celebrated with loads of enthusiasm and fun across the country. But did you know that there are certain villages in the state of Uttarakhand that do not believe in celebrating this festival? In Pithoragarh district’s Munsiyari and Dharchula, there are over 100 villages that do not celebrate Holi. They do have a reason for not celebrating one of India’s most beloved festivals. 

Over 100 Villages In Uttarakhand Do Not Celebrate Holi

The people in these villages in Uttarakhand do not celebrate Holi because they do not want to annoy the gods. They do not want to stain God’s own mountains with colours by playing Holi. A resident from Baram village in Dharchula said that playing Holi is considered inauspicious in these villages. 

For these villagers, Holi is just another day, and this has been the norm for years. They do not want to take any chances and totally believe that tragedy befalls every person who tries to celebrate this festival in some way or another. 

The ones who have celebrated this festival have soon or later faced problems or tragedies like loss of cattle or death in the family. Another resident explained that this land belongs to Bharadi Devi, and playing Holi will only bring bad luck to them. 

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Chipla Kedar Yatra

The local residents of these villages in Uttarakhand instead worship Chipla Kedar, which are the forms of Lord Shiva and Bhagwati (his consort). The Chipla Kedar trek is very much popular among the locals in the region. It is a famous trek and pilgrimage that takes place every three years. 

In this holy expedition, the villagers take dips in the holy Chipla Kedar kund and perform parikramas. It is located at a height of 16,000 feet and is also known as Gupt Kailash. 

The people here strongly believe that the land of God will get dirty with colours if they play Holi. According to historians, Holi was never a festival of the hills. It is only due to migration that people have adapted to new traditions and cultures. 

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