There Is A Wine Themed Park In France With More Than 50 Types Of Wine In Their Bar

by Angel Srivastava 909

All you vino lovers, attention! The world just got its first wine-themed park and it feels like a better place already. La Cite du Vin meaning ‘The City of Wine’ opened in the year 2016 in Bordeaux, France. The park has got 20 different wine related areas and features expansive exhibitions to teach you about wine production all across the world.

Image Credits: Conde Nast

What Is It?

Well here is something wine lovers across the world can cross off their list because this wine-themed park is set to turn all their wine dreams into reality. La Cite du Vin is a massive event space and museum, which promises to give its visitors a one of a kind experience and take them on a journey of the history of wine.

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Image Credits: FnBreport

It’s not all history and stories. You can also get your hands on and try some of the local produce. The park’s bar boasts of being loaded with over 50 different kinds of wines from around the world with around 14,000 bottles.

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Image Credits: Vicinito

Any questions you’ve ever had about the production, preservation, taste, and texture of the wine, will all be answered in one of the 20 different areas of the park.

Image Credits: Lonely Planet

What’s More?

Some of the key features of the park include a virtual helicopter ride that takes you on a tour of over 20 winemaking regions in 17 different countries. Then they have the stimulated boat ride that is used to teach the visitors how the merchants used to transport their cargoes back in the day.

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Image Credits: Wine Tours

They also have Beldevere. The Beldevere offers the visitors a 360-degree view of Bordeaux which can be enjoyed along with a wine tasting. From time to time La Cite du Vin also hosts tasting workshops where you can learn about the different kinds of wine pairings, such as chocolate and cheese.

So, stop thinking and book those tickets because this trip to ‘The City of Wine’ will extraordinary!