There’s An Idli Keema Being Sold On The Streets Of Delhi; Netizens Say, ‘Buying Heart Attack’

by Shreya Ghosh
There’s An Idli Keema Being Sold On The Streets Of Delhi; Netizens Say, ‘Buying Heart Attack’

A new day comes with a new viral food video trending on the Internet. Street vendors are never really bored of trying new recipes, adding different ingredients, and experimenting with different dishes. From dosa to Maggi to pizza, we have seen unique recipe videos for most favourite food items. This time, a video of a street vendor making Idli Keema is making rounds on social media platforms. How does he prepare the new keema dish and what do foodies have to say? Let’s find everything out here.

Idli Keema Is The Latest Fusion Food Trend & Here’s What It Looks Like

Taking to Instagram, Sukrit jain (@thegreatindianfoodie) shared a video of a local street food vendor making this new idli recipe with lots of ingredients and spices.


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After watching the video, it looks like the vendor prepared a fusion of North Indian and South Indian cuisines. We all know that idli is one of the most loved dishes to try in South Indian cuisine. On the other hand, he made it in a keema style and this is quite famous in North Indian states. This is a blend of cuisines from two different parts of India.

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To make the dish, he started by placing a few idli on the pan and added lots of butter to them. The vendor tossed both sides of the idlis in butter and some spices. Then, he added onions, tomatoes, coriander leaves, more spices, some bhaji, and more butter, and then placed a small plate on top of the veggies. He then minced everything well with a masher. Next, he cut the idlis into pieces and mixed them with the butter-rich vegetables. He served it with chutneys and sambar.

The exact location of this street food vendor is not mentioned in the video. Looking at the hashtags used in the reel, it looks like it is located in Delhi.

Do Netizens Approve Of This Fusion? Let’s Find Out!

Idli Keema
Picture credit- Instagram/ Sukrit jain (@thegreatindianfoodie)

Shared a day ago, the video has already garnered more than 8,400 likes with Netizens commenting their responses and reviews of idli keema. Looks like not everyone is impressed with this idea, especially the amount of butter used in preparing the dish. Many Internet users pointed out how the vendor just made healthy food into something unhealthy.

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An Instagrammer commented, ‘Thankgod atleast he dint grate unwanted cheese and add mayonnaise into it.’ A Netizen commented ‘Bro made upma from idles🤣’ under the video. Another comment read, ‘The perfect way of making a healthy food into unhealthy’. Someone wrote, ‘Why not Idly Bhurjee’. Another comment under the video read, ‘USE – MISUSE & ABUSE of idlis 😭 butter hi butter peldiya h’.

Someone also wrote that the vendor serves a variety of dosa and chutney. ‘He has many variety of dosa and chutney is superb. The con is just in heat it is hard to stand and eat in rush’, the comment read.

Would you like to give this idli keema recipe a try? Or are you happy with eating idli and keema separately?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Sukrit jain (@thegreatindianfoodie)

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