“Welcome To The Multiverse”: X User Finds Misnamed Bisleri Bottle With “Bestie” Written On It

by Shreya Ghosh
“Welcome To The Multiverse”: X User Finds Misnamed Bisleri Bottle With “Bestie” Written On It

Most of the time we talk about or buy a packaged water bottle, we choose to go with Bisleri. This brand has a humongous name in the market and is clearly dominating the industry. After the glorious success of the company in the market, many other brands have started selling packaged water bottles that look similar to Bisleri bottles, but have a different name. An Internet user found a similar company and shared a picture online.

This Time, It’s Not Bisleri. It Is ‘Bestie’!

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, roy (@d10gen3s) shared a picture of a bottle of packaged drinking water named ‘Bestie’.

There are so many examples around us where people started imitating prominent brands and companies. From similar logos to designs to even brand names, you will find tons of such examples all around us. Among the names, Bisleri is surely one of those brands that get copied a lot. Unfortunately, many buyers do not even pay proper focus to the names and purchase the products thinking them to be the original ones.

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This time, someone imitated a lot of things of Bisleri and named the company ‘Bestie’. As shared in the post, ‘Bestie’ is written on the label of the bottle of packaged drinking water. From the colour to the font, everything is not exactly the same but very similar to that of Bisleri.

Netizens Have Also Shared Their Experiences

This is not a problem faced by a few people. There are endless numbers of consumers who come across such instances every single day. People who pay attention to the products can stay far away from such imitated things. But those who do not look at the labels carefully, end up paying the same as the original product but do not get the exact thing in return.

It looks like so many people have fallen into the trap of packaged drinking water labels looking similar to Bisleri. The post was shared on October 22, and it has already garnered more than 268K views with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

A lot of Netizens have engaged with this post and shared their reactions and experiences of buying water bottles thinking them to be Bisleri. The names mentioned on the labels are quite hilarious.

Here are some of the many brands that are available in the market resembling Bisleri.

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The most interesting part is that all these bottles follow a similar kind of design and colour. None of them look exactly the same but there are many resemblances to take note of. From Bihari to Bilife to Bistar, Bestlere, Bill Gates, Bilseri, there are so many brands like this available in the market.

If you do not want to buy such water bottles, make sure you check the label and brand before you pay the money to shopkeepers.

Have you ever faced a situation like this where you bought a packaged drinking water bottle thinking it to be Bisleri but it turned out to be something completely different?

Cover Image Courtesy: X (formerly Twitter)/ roy (@d10gen3s), X (formerly Twitter)/ Mister Hola (@AklaPatichu)

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