These Are The World’s Most Popular Cuisines & No 1 Will Surprise You

by Mallika Khurana
These Are The World’s Most Popular Cuisines & No 1 Will Surprise You

Food is a unifying factor that can bring together anyone. With immense development that has happened over the decades, you can find almost every cuisine in almost every part of the world. While you can find Indian delicacies in New York, India offers a great dose of Chinese dishes. Among the cuisines that are most sought-after globally, a few standout favourites can be found. Pizza and pasta are the perfect complements in Italian cuisine. Indian, with its breathtaking and energetic sprawl. Mexican food is characterised by its unique flavours and presentations. French, in all its splendour and sophistication.

But which one of these in the most popular one in the world?

The Bucket List Company Ranked World’s Most Popular Cuisine

Korean food
Photo Credits: Canva

The Bucket List Company took it upon themselves to figure out World’s Most Popular Cuisine.

The Bucket List Company is a provider of adventure vacations. They examined levels of engagement on social media sites like Instagram, Reddit, and TikTok to come up with this list. The final ranking took into account both the number of supportive comments and the number of tags for each cuisine.

Korean cuisine has topped the list and how! Yes, Italian is not most sought after as it was before.

Italian came in second on the list and had an astounding number of monthly social media searches. Mexican was third, balancing a high level of overall engagement with a lot of positive interaction.

Indian cuisne also captured a place on this list. Standing tall at the 5th position, Indian food is what people go for when they need a flavour boost in their lives. A mere mention of Butter Chicken and Biryani will have us drooling!

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Top 10 Cuisines In The World

The Bucket List Company has compiled a comprehensive list of the current most popular foods around the globe.

1. Korean

2. Italian

3. Mexican

4. Japanese

5. Indian

6. Chinese

7. Thai

8. Vietnamese

9. Filipino

10. Turkish 

The list definitely isn’t surprising. We are all aware of the craze these top cuisines in the world garner.

Which one of these would you want to see on top next?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva