These Countries Offer Easy E-Visas To Indians For International Travel

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
These Countries Offer Easy E-Visas To Indians For International Travel

Getting a visa these days has become a total task because of the sudden increase in the number of applications. The world is now open to travel and we know how excited you are. So to make sure that you do not get caught in the visa struggle, here is a list of countries that provide easy E-visas for international travel. 

Easy E-Visas

Here are the countries that offer easy E-visas to Indians.


Known as the “Land of a Million Elephants,” Laos is famous for its beautiful villages and under-explored landscapes. Indians do not have to apply for the visa in advance as they can get their visa on arrival for a stay of 30 days. 


Singapore is widely known as ‘Lion City’ or ‘Garden City’ and is one of the preferred destinations for Indians. They have the easiest and most quick E-visa application process. 


A country that gives you a glimpse of various cultures of Asia is Malaysia. The country recently announced that it will be providing visas on arrival to Indians so that they have a hassle-free travel. 


Vietnam is a country famous for bustling cities, Buddhist pagodas, rivers and beaches. The country has a very easy and quick process for availing E-visa for Indians. 


Thailand is the most preferred destination for Indians because of its pristine beaches and cultural heritage. Thailand offers visas on arrival to Indians but only for tourism activities and also the passport must be valid for 30 days. 

Sri Lanka

Travelling to Sri Lanka will never cost you a hole in your pocket because it is one of the cheapest international travel destinations. You can simply apply for E-visa and get it real quick. 


Cambodia is known for its extremely beautiful temples and also has a group of islands off the south coast for you to explore. Cambodia offers easy visas on arrival for Indian travellers with a stay of 30 days. 


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Indonesia is known for its diverse islands and you must visit it and explore its untouched beauty. You do not need a visa to visit Indonesia if you are here for a short duration. Once you land here, you can easily get a visa on arrival. 

Fiji Islands

Lose yourself in this Pacific Island Nature that has a warm tropical climate and pristine white beaches. You do not have to apply for a pre-entry visa here if you are from India. Once you arrive here the immigration officer will provide your visa on arrival.