These Lovebirds Are Funding Their 10-Year Honeymoon By Selling Nude Pictures

by Suchismita Pal
These Lovebirds Are Funding Their 10-Year Honeymoon By Selling Nude Pictures

How far would you go for your love for travel? Silke Muys and Kieran Shannon are on their 10-year honeymoon and they fund their trips by selling nude, lusty pictures. The duo are travelling the world now and they have already visited countries like Iceland, Spain, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand and India. They spend around £7 ( nearly ₹642.56) per day, stay in the cheapest hostels and gorge on just street food. By uploading the steamy pictures on Patreon, the couple earns around £350 ( nearly ₹32,131.64) in a month.

Silke and Kieran Are On Their Decade-Long Honeymoon

Silke and Kieran are a true blue traveller couple. As revealed by Wales Online, they met for the first time in Spain and started travelling together in a span of just three months. And then Kieran made a magical proposal to Silke on the pinnacle of Scotland’s Quiriang. For a year, they toured across Asia. The couple then returned to Gervin to tie the knots on August 30, 2021. Their wedding was an adventurous one too during which they trekked for around 300 miles across Scotland. Soon after their wedding, they started their decade-long honeymoon.

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Travelling Helps Them Know Each Other Better

Silke and Kieran’s love to visit new places and meet different kinds of people made them take up the incredible journey. According to Wales Online, Silke said that the couple loves to meet new people from all across the globe in the hostels. She also added that travelling to these scenic destinations helps the couple to know each other better. Their Instagram handle ‘silkyrontheroad’ is filled with snaps from various scenic spots. In every picture, the couple expresses love with the utmost passion, in a bold and unashamed manner.

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They have travelled to verdant mountains, picturesque beaches, stunning waterfalls, mountain passes, jungles and other dreamy locations.