These Places In Dubai Offer The Best Indian Khichdi

Indian Khichdi In Dubai
by Ishita Agarwal

Khichdi has a certain cosy, reassuring, and modest quality, don’t you think? There is unquestionably nothing more filling than a bowl of khichdi, regardless of the cuisine you sample. Although nothing quite compares to the khichdi that our moms make. Are you missing your mom-cooked khichdi? Then, don’t worry! We have listed our top favourite places that offer the best Indian khichdi in Dubai. So, let’s start this delicious journey. 

1. House of Khichdi 

House of Khichdi, Dubai, is a home delivery service. Their khichdi is like a home away from home. The best part is that they cook the khichdi in the ghee just like your mom cooks for you. They also have vegan and gluten-free options for you all. Their ‘get-well-soon’ Khichdi is a must-try from their menu, which makes it one of the best places to try Indian Khichdi in Dubai. Moreover, you also get the Khichdi Kit your mom gives you – yes, that papad, achar, onions, etc. 



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2. Tresind

There is a variety of appetisers, soup, main dish, and dessert options at Tresind. Tresind is dedicated to presenting the most inventive North Indian food. You may start with dahi kebab, paneer/chicken kurchan, or cedar wood smoked tandoori chicken as your appetisers.

The selection of curries, gravies, and bread available for the main course is amazing. Aside from that, the Birbal Ki Khichdi is a must-have on your menu if you come here to eat. Served with a variety of papads and yoghurt, this dish is one your grandmother would know how to make. Exactly as in India, you may end your dinner with kheer or raita, just like they do there!



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3. The Sheesha Factory Cafe

The staff at The Sheesha Factory Café is enthusiastic about their mixes and customer service. They are dedicated to excellence and are open 24 hours a day. Additionally, they employ a distinctive 6,000-square-foot factory-themed café, which is well known for its unique in-house mixes and has over 100 flavours to tantalise your senses. This guarantees the most incredible taste and experience. There must try is Dal Khichdi which is 26 AED. 


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4. Kovalam – President Hotel

Showcasing the culinary delights of Kerala, the Indian coastal state, with a superb fusion of seafood and spices and excellent service. This place is one of the best places to try Indian khichdi in Dubai. They have chicken khichdi and gosht khichdi as well, in case you want to taste both worlds. 

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