These Spectacular Trekking Spots In Uttarakhand Are Only For The Daredevils

by Vinita Jain
by Vinita Jain 123

Uttarakhand is a land of mountains and valleys that is nested in the Himalayas. Uttarakhand is a Land of Gods because of the highest Shiva Temple, the Panch Kedar, the Char Dham, the Panch Kadri, and a lot more religious places. Along with the Land of Gods, Uttarakhand is also a hub for adventurers as it holds spots for river rafting, paragliding, bungee jumping, and trekking. The state also has the second tallest mountain ‘The Nanda Devi’. Not just ‘The Nanda Devi’, but Uttarakhand holds various trekking spots. Here are the 5 best trekking spots that can challenge your inner adventurous side.

1. Auden’s Col Trek

Auden’s Col Trek is one of the toughest treks in Uttarakhand. The maximum altitude of this trek is 18020 feet which proves that it is very difficult to reach the topmost point. It starts from Gangotri. Although it is very difficult to climb Auden’s Col but this trek also promises you some panoramic glimpses of snow-laden Himalayan peaks. This trek passes from the Nala camp to Rudra Base Camp. The best season to go on this trek is Summer or after the monsoon.

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2. Kedarkantha Trek

Trek to Kedarkantha will take a duration of 5-6 days. The maximum altitude of this trek is 12,500 feet. The best season to go on this trek is from the month of December to April. Kedarkantha Trek is known for the surreal 360-degree views it offers while the time you reach Kedarkantha peak.

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3. Satopanth Lake Trek

It is known as a lake trek because it takes you to Satopanth Tal which is a glacial lake. The maximum altitude of this trek is 14,600 feet. Satopanth Trek is known as a religious trek also because it is believed that Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh have meditated on the corners of Satopanth Lake. June, September, and even October are the ideal months to go on this glacial lake trek.

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4. Kedartal trek

This trek is one of the iconic treks in Uttarakhand because it offers a sight of the mountain wildlife species like the Himalayan Black Bear, Goral, etc. It is situated at a maximum altitude of 16,110 feet. Kedartal Trek peaks are wrapped in snow and serve your eyes with tranquil and pleasing views. The best time to visit this trek during May-June and September-October.

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5. Bali Pass Trek

Bali Pass Trek is situated 16,250 feet above sea level. The trek starts from Sankri Village and ends at Jankichatti. The best time to go on this trek is during summer and post-monsoon. It is better to travel post-monsoon as during that time the snow melts and the pass seems approachable. The trekking trail is for approx. 8-9 days.

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So, adventurous folks, these were some of the recommended treks in Uttarakhand. Pick your spot and get on it.

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