5 Things To Do If You Feel Nauseous While Flying

by Shreya Ghosh
5 Things To Do If You Feel Nauseous While Flying

Getting motion sickness and feeling nauseous is quite common with most passengers on a flight. This is a terrible feeling to experience in a closed vehicle flying so high up in the air. And with decreased air pressure, the situation worsens a lot of times. If you are someone who faces such nauseous problems while travelling on a plane, we have some simple and convenient solutions. We are quite sure that these tips and tricks can help you.

1. Avoid Using Any Device & Reading

Give your eyes some rest. Take some time off from all digital devices such as mobiles, tablets, and laptops. These things can lead to extreme motion sickness or can worsen your feelings of getting nauseous on a flight. You can choose to listen to some soothing music or any calm audiobook.


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2. Ginger Ale Works Wonders!

Do not drink any soft drinks or sodas or even juices while getting nauseated. Instead, take small sips of ginger ale. Trust on ginger ale if you have any digestive issues. Also, this soothing drink helps to deal with getting nauseous and motion sickness.


3. Always Keep Some Dramamine Handy To Deal With Nauseous Feelings

While you are packing your handbag before catching a flight, make sure to pack some Dramamine tablets. This tablet works wonders to deal with nauseous feelings, motion sickness, and the urge to vomit. Take the medicine and have some good rest with a quick nap.

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4. Choose Your Foods Wisely

Eating the wrong food can lead to so many problems in our daily lives. And when it comes to flying on a light, the issues can worsen. So, make sure to eat something light not only during the journey but also the day before. Do not gorge on anything oily, salty, or spicy, and make sure to hydrate yourself.

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5. A Good Airplane Seat Might Help

You can expect some bumpiness while flying in the air. However, the level of bumpiness is different in different seats. The seats near the flight’s front part and its wings are more stable than the back seats. So, it is better to sit in these seats to avoid the nauseous feeling to some extent.