Heartwarming Video Of Air India’s Cabin Crew Calming A Baby In Flight Goes Viral

by Shreya Ghosh
Heartwarming Video Of Air India’s Cabin Crew Calming A Baby In Flight Goes Viral

Travelling on a flight is not always comfortable as we expect it to be. And it can be very tiresome while the co-passenger is a kid. The parents and elders flying with the baby feel tired during the journey if the kid starts crying or feeling uneasy. Sometimes, even the co-passengers feel disturbed in such situations. And to ease this worrying scenario, cabin crew members are always a step ahead. Many times, the flight attendants swiftly entertained the little passengers on the flight and made them happy. Something similar happened very recently on an Air India flight as well.

Air India’s Cabin Crew Was Seen Calming A Baby In-Flight; Everyone Is Impressed!

A video is making rounds on the Internet recently and it beautifully shows how a flight attendant of Air India named Neil Malkam is handling a baby in his arms like a pro. The generous act of him helping the kid’s family by comforting the little one in his arms is impressing everyone. At so many different times, the hard work and efforts of these members often go unnoticed, and now this video is perfectly proving how they go the extra mile to provide everyone with a happy and comfortable journey.

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The video shows a cabin crew holding the little girl in his arms as she lies down on his left shoulder. He is seen calming down the tiny one and walking slowly on the flight with her on his shoulder. An Instagram user Jeevan Venkatesh uploaded this sweet video on 7 August captioning, ‘Really appreciate the sweet gesture of a @airindia.in staff, It was a surprise when my daughter felt comfort lying in the stewards shoulder, thanks to him. Lots of changes in this trip after Tatas takeover. Jeevan further added, ‘I found the gentleman in my video, it’s @neil_nitin_ub thanks to all for making this viral and made it to reach him.


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Heartwarming Video Of The Flight Attendant Goes Viral

Neil Malkam’s sweet gesture is winning hearts and leaving everyone in awe. Since being shared, the video is receiving immense love and appreciation. With 173K likes and 565 comments, this video garnered over 2.2 million views.