Air India Gets Meta’s Workplace To Create Flexible Communication Among Employees

by Sanmita A
Air India Gets Meta’s Workplace To Create Flexible Communication Among Employees

Air India has made a major shift into digitisation with the introduction of Workplace for its employees. Workplace is a Meta-owned business communication platform which will help the Tata-owned company connect more than 11,000 employees. Reportedly, this is the first time that Air India has stepped up in digitising the communication for its office employees. Air India now, with the coming of Meta’s Workplace will witness transformation in the employees abilities.

Workplace In Air India

With Workplace in the Air India employee system, the employees from all sections in the company will be able to engage in a proficient way. Employees like the cabin crew, engineers, pilots, and all other employees from across the globe will be connected via the Workplace platform. The Airlines believes that such changes in employee’s sphere will enable the company to bring in better talent and even retain the existing resources. This will automatically build on people’s confidence. Air India also aims to serve the frontline staff of their airlines well, who are not physically present at the offices.

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AI Transforming & Modernising!

Air India is transforming, which it previously couldn’t due to the budgetary constraints previously. Now that it is back under Tata, Air India’s services are likely to go up notch higher. Through the introduction of Workplace, the airlines aims to better its employee experience. Although, from the recent turn of events, things do not seem to quite alright with it, after jet Airways CEO Sanjiv Kapoor had an unusual experience during his AI flight and clearly wasn’t very pleased about it. Last year, a report also revealed that Air India had the highest number of technical malfunctions during flights.

With the change in ownership, only time and customer reviews will tell if the airlines can truly live up to the standards of passenger satisfaction.

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