Jet Airways CEO Sanjiv Kapoor Travels On Air India Flight And Shares His Experience

by Sanmita A
Jet Airways CEO Sanjiv Kapoor Travels On Air India Flight And Shares His Experience

Air India CEO Sanjiv Kapoor took an Air India flight with his son, and sadly, it did not really turn out to be a great experience for the duo. He took to Twitter to share his experience on the Air India flight, which did not seem like a great experience for the commercial aviation expert. He says that this recent experience with Air India is going to be a part of the briefings for the Jet Airways crew.

Air India Flight & Jet Airways CEO Sanjiv Kapoor’s Experience

According to Sanjiv Kapoor, Air India had messed their seating despite paying for the seats in advance, doing the web check ins and everything that’s required. He shared that his seats were moved, and there was another family just like them who were scattered. He wrote that how the Air India flight staff were uninformed and were not aware of a lot of things. Although, the tweet has been deleted by Sanjiv Kapoor, this is what Air India had to say –

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Sanjiv Kapoor’s Takeaways From The AI Flight Experience

Kapoor, in his tweet, now deleted shared how the learnings from this flight experience would be shared with the Jet Airways crew. He even emphasized on the importance of getting the basics right. ‘All going to be part of briefing to jetairways staff. We need to get the basics right. It is these small things that make a big difference. And my sympathies to gate staff and crew left to sort out the mess,’ Sanjiv Kapoor said. After Sanjiv Kapoor’s experience on Twitter with the AI flight, other customers too spoke of their individual experiences with Air India. Sadly, many customers shared similar tales.

Looks like Air India has a lot to do in order to live up to its customers’ expectations.

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