Things You CANNOT Carry Inside Delhi Metro. Take Note!

by Vinita Jain
Things You CANNOT Carry Inside Delhi Metro. Take Note!

Delhi Metro has been a boon for commuters. It is cheaper and more convenient and the network is quite widespread. About 42.64 lakh passengers commute daily on the Delhi metro, which started operating almost 10 years ago. If you’re a regular metro passenger then you must be aware of all the subways, checkpoints, and scanners present at the various station, the many lines and more. But, do you also know what to carry and what not to carry inside the metro?

Yes, there a long list of prohibited items that are not allowed inside Delhi metro. Check them out!!

Things You Can’t Carry Inside Metro

  • Sharp objects: Sharp objects are a complete no-no! However, women are allowed to carry a knife up to 4 inches long for self-defense purposes. Sword, the knife with a blade of more than 10 cm i.e. 4″ in length, scissors, meat cleavers are not permitted in Metro
Delhi Metro
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  • Tools: The government received a number of requests from labourers travelling and carrying tools like screwdrivers, wrench, pliers, crowbars, and hammers to work. So now, if someone carries tools inside the metro an entry is made, which can help in tracing the passenger later.
  • Explicit materials like gunpowder, fireworks, hand grenades, plastic explosives, etc. are not allowed inside the metro. This one’s a given!
  • Flammable paints, gasoline, cooking fuels, wet batteries, other inflammable liquids like aerosol or similar consistency, and petroleum are also prohibited. It also means no matches and no lighters or torches.
  • Oversized baggage that’s over 15 kg.
  • Well, there are also a number of weird restrictions too. Yes, according to the rules, carrying some offensive items can also put you in trouble. Relating to offensive objects, dead animal carcasses, blood or bones, human body parts, skeletons, unsealed raw meat/fish, human skeletons, or human ashes are also not allowed inside the metro.
  • Entry of pet birds and animals is also restricted inside Delhi metro.
Delhi Metro no pets
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Things You Can Carry

  • Gadgets like laptops, tablets, cameras, etc.
  • Grocery packages and packaged food.
  • Baggage weighing no more than 15 kg and not larger than 60 cm long x 45 cm wide x 25 cm high.

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Bookmark this handy list of things you can and cannot carry inside Delhi Metro.

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