This Art Ghar In Jaipur Is A Staycation, A Home To Creativity, Bookworms And Meditators

Art Cafe
by Ananya Singh

The Art Ghar is different from your typical art studio. It has brilliant sunlight, sparse decor, soft colours, and natural touches. But, more than anything, it is a cosy home that welcomes everyone to “be”. Young businesswoman Shraddha Jain is the brain behind the walk-in art studio, which also houses a curated shop, cafe, and eight themed AirBnB accommodations. Are you eager to discover more of its secrets? Find out by reading on!

The Idea Of Art Ghar As Creativity And A Home

Art Cafe

Picture Credits: The Art Ghar

Interesting fact: Shraddha, the businesswoman, never attended art school. Because most art professors like to teach traditionally, she dislikes the idea of taking hobby classes in painting as a child. She thinks that asking a child to fill in a teacher’s sketch of an apple with the same colours is not art. Along with a Jaipur-based NGO, the cafe’s owner also provides therapeutic painting classes for kids from underprivileged backgrounds.

Shraddha says that art has always been a continual source of comfort when asked what her inspiration was to create such a sanctuary in Jaipur. She has always wanted more people to experience the healing power of art, whether she was in college or working. Shraddha began her career as an artist and businesswoman in 2017. It all started with a unique tiny art pop-up exhibition at a café. People may make a work of art on a little canvas and take it home. Then, she realised she wanted to explore something related to art because it made people happy.

Over the next two years, Shraddha explored a variety of activities, like pottery making at a café and painting under the stars while sipping wine in the lavish setting of the City Palace. However, painting in a busy café was not a really enjoyable experience. This led to the development of a peaceful environment where people could enjoy the arts and unwind.

The Mindful Indulgence Of Art

Image Credits: The Art Ghar

The COVID-19-induced lockdown was announced just over a month after The Art Ghar opened its doors. It was for the couples to paint their own mugs or plates, for women to host kitty parties with a creative twist, and for anyone to spend some time away from the daily conundrum. Shraddha introduced DIY art kits as a mindful indulgence during this time when people were going through a lot of stress and anxiety. These featured, among others, mosaic kits, pre-drawn canvas kits, and ceramic kits.

The Interiors Of The Art Cafe

Art Cafe

Image Credits: The Art Ghar

The space’s walls, ceilings, and interiors have been purposefully kept simple. The Art Ghar also provides possibilities for staycations for locals as well as visitors from cities like Delhi. Each room has been attentively and elegantly decorated with a specific concept in mind.

For instance, the “Kitabi Kida” is a room designed specifically for bookworms. It has a bookcase, a typewriter and a small corner that serves as a comfortable reading spot. The walls are decorated with pieces of art that feature commas and full stops. Similarly, “Sthir” is a space for spiritually inclined persons. The room is ideal for someone seeking peace because it has a yoga mat, a violet wall representing consciousness, and a lush green view from the balcony.

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The Art Ghar is a place that promotes wellness and creativity and provides a platform for people to express their emotions via various art forms. So, why not spend your long weekend in a peaceful place with creativity? Are you planning to go already? Let us know in the comments!

Cover Image Courtesy: The Art Ghar