This Chennai Autowala Has Mini Fridge, iPad, Masks & Newspapers For Passengers In His Vehicle

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 688

There are many inspiring stories shared on the internet every day but this one shared by Humans of Bombay has caught our attention. They shared an interesting story of a Chennai autorickshaw driver who has added some of the most unique features in his vehicle in an attempt to make his auto the best in the world. The 32-year-old Anna Durai drives an auto-rickshaw in and his interesting additions are his unique selling proposition.

The Auto Is Equipped With An iPad, Mini Fridge, Newspaper Section & More!

This ‘Auto Anna’ in Chennai added some very interesting features such as a newspaper and magazine section, an iPad, a charging point, a card machine, a hand sanitiser, and masks. And there is more! He has also equipped his auto with WiFi and a mini-fridge to stock snacks and beverages. He has kept many varieties of chocolates and chips so customers can ‘snack and chill’ during their ride.

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The Autorickshaw Driver Is Also A 7-Time TEDx Speaker

The 30-second video shared on Humans of Bombay’s Instagram page already received over 1.3 million. But this ‘Auto Anna’ is enterprising in many other ways. Interestingly, Anna Durai is also a 7-time TEDx speaker and runs his website and application too. He reveres his customers like God and makes friends on the job while he serves them. People flooded the comments sections with praises and good wishes. “I wanna take a ride in this rickshaw,” wrote one user while another commented, “Entrepreneurial spirit!”

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We are in awe of this autorickshaw driver’s spirit

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